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  • d45yth

    The main thing with wool is it will still keep you warm when wet. I don’t think any other material does that, does it? I won’t wear anything else as a base and/or insulating layer in winter.
    I’m sure I’ve had some biking tops made out of crustacean shells. Can’t remember what the name for it was though?

    On-one have some cheap merino stuff, no personal experience with their stuff mind.


    I’m a massive non-fan of merino; it may keep you warm, but it stays wet for ages compared to synthetic fabrics. It may well appeal to your environmental side, but it’s no good as a technical fabric.

    And is amazingly overpriced for what is essentially a wooly jumper, available from T K Max for about £15.


    I have two bamboo t shirts and they are nicer than cotton IMO but not a technical fabric for the winter.


    I’m a massive non-fan of merino; it may keep you warm, but it stays wet for ages compared to synthetic fabrics. It may well appeal to your environmental side, but it’s no good as a technical fabric.

    +1, merino is massively over rated. The Craft zero extreme stuff works well for me – much warmer, light, wicks well, dries fast, doesn’t smell.

    Merino mix seems to have some of the best qualities of both. My favourite thermal is a Helly Hansen one from years back – wicks well and doesn’t smell – but I’ve not seen them lately.


    i’ve got a couple of merino tops and really like them so have been looking at getting a short sleeved looser one but looking on the EDZ website I found a bamboo top which looks good and is half the price so got me thinking…

    what are the differences between the two in terms of keeping body temperature down or up depending on the season?

    are there anyother natural materials I should look out for that do a similar job?

    i’m trying to keep budget down so I can ask for them as xmas presents (mrs swoosh is 6 and half months pregnant so she’s sorting presents early this year)



    I’m a massive non-fan of merino; it may keep you warm, but it stays wet for ages compared to synthetic fabrics. It may well appeal to your environmental side, but it’s no good as a technical fabric.

    and me

    I like the HH Lifa stuff – I find it very good at regulating temperature as well.


    I thought one of the beauties of merino is that you don”t get too hot in the summer?

    is bamboo more of a summer top fabric then?


    Merino is more comfy when sweaty and doesn’t need ap much washing-great for trips.

    No idea re. bamboo but have heard it holds water which would be a pita for me.

    That craft stuff sounds good.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Rab’s merino/Cocona mix is ace, good balance between merino-like comfort etc and wicking/drying – anything with Cocona in seems to be good – it use the carbon from rendered down coconut husks to creat a fabric which in effect has greater surface area etc.

    Bamboo feels nice and soft ime, but I was a bit underwhelmed by it in performance terms.

    But anyway, the new Rab MeCo stuff is very, very good.

    A long sleeved footy top in the Winter and short sleeved one in the Summer. They come in various colours, you can have stripes or hoops, or plain.


    I like Merino but find the fibres break after a while causing small holes to appear


    The Craft stuff is very good, it may be made of horrible kill the planet chemicals but it works way better than any ‘eco’ materials I’ve tried.
    Merino may be good ‘down the pub’ and for those who don’t wash their clothes that often but synthetic wins hands down for performance (IMO)


    I’ve got a couple of wool tops – bought when they’ve been cheap (half price ish) – I’d never pay what they’re asking for at full price.

    I’ve found them to be pretty good but not the wonder material that some would proclaim.

    My embers one in particular is good – I use it as a base layer in the winter as although it gets wet, it stays warm. I also use it for commuting to work because after a day hanging up in the changing room, it doesn’t reek for the ride home. I would never wear it on a really hot day as it’s warmer than a normal cycling jersey and does soak up sweat. It’s very tough too – I wear it more than any other item of kit I reckon and after two years, the colour’s a bit faded (I wash it every ride) there are no holes or any other obvious wear.

    My other one by Nike, is ok but considerably less hard wearing (several holes appeared quite quickly) and gets very baggy when wet (though that’s not a problem if worn under other things).

    I am considering getting some wool jerseys for our team but for me, that’s more to have something that’s stink proof.

    Premier Icon vondally

    i would agree with hilldodger….as a zindane zindane sweaty bloke i find……
    merino is wet through and sodden in 10 mins, waste of time and money and apart from my smart wool top nothing has lasted kona top turned to felt, (highly recommended on singletrack review) and a few other brands high end went the same way, as a sweaty devil the fabric cannot deal with the sweat and i have always felt cold when i stop. However i use a base layer manmade with the smart wool top and that has been great for xc skiing and other such stuff.

    Merino mix….the best i have used is ground effect submerino lasted a decade and is pretty effecient in all departments.

    bamboo….pretty much summer stuff, my kids rate it more than me.

    man made….simply the most effecient way to move sweat. I would recommend
    decathlon skins compression tops
    aldi specials the winter one last year fab
    craft stuff very good and try TK MAxx
    cannondale some of their stuff was brillant
    helly hansen as said above
    under armour got a couple of tops and impressive

    nike is pretty ropey these days as is adidas

    just my swaety bloke observations 😉

    Premier Icon richmtb

    Merino feels nice next to the skin but if you sweat a lot the man made stuff is definitely better.

    I like the HH Lifa stuff too. Lifa Dry is good for most conditions and Lifa Ice (Lifa / Merino mix) is excellent for winter

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Agree with most of the above. Bamboo is nice and comfy, especially in the summer but its not a tech fabric, Merino mix is good for socks but I prefer synthetic for tops.


    I should add that my comments are from the pov of a sweaty bloke too…

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