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  • Menja or Z1
  • simonside
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    I have just fitted a pair of Magura Menjas in place of a pair of old but fully functioning Z1CRs(yes it was a change for changes sake!)
    They feel,less supple over small stuff, very upright, like ultra twitchy but a lot lighter. Will I be able to ignore the lack of suppleness and altered riding position or should I put the Marzocchis back?
    I amriding this Dialled PA along with Cannondale Gemini and DH Commencal so you could say I prefer a slack head angle 😉

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    put the Marzocchis back

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    i did the exact same swap (after admiting my manipoo minshit’s were in fact poo)

    im not exactly light so the zocchi’s were always undersprung (a propper 1/3 of sag, not 1/3 if i lean right over the front, 1/3 when your in a riding position). Set up i the same way i reconed the magura’s were as good as if not better than the zocchi’s.

    Been experimenting with less sag recently and agree, theres less small bump resonse than the zocchi’s. But recon thats just the nature of the air spring. Beats the manitou coil/air hybrid sprigs anyway.

    I sill like my forks undersprug, plush and the damping fast. So thats how mine are set up and i love em!

    Still think any loss in small bump response is a fair trade off for the extra stiffness, and the loss of nearly a kilo (never weighed my mcr’s but theyr werent light)!

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    Take em off and sell them, how much do you want?

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    I’ve got Z1 FRs, Shermans and Pikes. Z1s are the most supple by a long way, and plenty stiff in QR20 guise. Pikes come in a poor third. Well, fifth really, since I’ve 2 sets of Z1s and 2 of Shermans.

    So put the Z1s back on.

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    jonb they weren`t mine, I had them on “approval”. I shall be returning them from whence they came..

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