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    right, so i’ve decided i need to change the build on my stiffee to make it less thuggish (since i got a tough bouncy norco recently too), and more able to go uphill/ride distances… it’s currently built up with z1 freeride 3 forks, a 1×8 chainset with hussefelt cranks, a 38T chainring and e.13 chain device… fork-wise, i’m thinking pikes (wanna keep the 20mm hub) are the most likely solution, and chainset either SLX or XT. would you go double and bash, or triple? i’m not sure i need 27 gears, and i most likely will want to drop the saddle and have a bit of a blast from time to time (another reason that pikes are the most likely fork future for it)…
    so by my reckoning, i’ll need:
    anything i’ve missed?
    or would it make more sense to sell the whole bike as is and buy off the peg, or a shop build?


    don’t buy off the peg you’ll only end up changing everything anyway. I run my Stiffee with Pikes an a double and bash. The rest of the stuff is burly enough but with an eye on weight, tubeless crossmax/819 wheels, XTR brakes, XT drivetrain, thomson etc. It really is a do it all bike.

    What wheels are you running?

    If they are heavy, change them to some lighter ones as top priority, also check your tires, you could probably slim these down a bit and get some lighter ones. This would improve the ride no end

    Those forks you have are about the same weight as pike 426’s, if you are running them at 150mm, they can be reduced to 130mm internally without much bother. This will speed the handling up on the bike slightly and make it feel a bit more lively.

    Try running a 1×9 set up and see how you get on. Swap your front chainring to a 32/34 tooth since this will make it a bit easier for pedalling back up hills.

    If you cant get on with it then just buy another ring or two for the front


    xherbivorex OT but can I sat hope all is good? Seriously come out riding on Saturday with us. Come on! 🙂

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    i’m sticking with most of the rest of the kit for now (thomson post, easton stem and bars, magura julies, x.7 rear mech, proII on xm321s)… but i need to keep as much of an eye on the expenditure as the weight so i’m thinking SLX double and bash, slx front mech, sram 9 speed cassette and some 2nd hand air pikes…

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    hora, it’ll depend on where you end up going because i am seriously still hugely lacking in fitness and stamina… but yeah, i’ll consider it!
    and yeah i’m okay. just a bit weird being here on my own now but we’re still friends and that, and it’s not necessarily dead forever… i’m not the kind that can just run off with anyone any time you know, so we’ll see how things all pan out.

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