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  • Premier Icon kimbers

    doctors note will cost you a tenner or so from your GP or a race license (ive got bronze from british cycling 15 quid a year)

    youll need competitive insurance , dont wanna be stung for helicopter fees if you need airlifting out!
    Im currently trying to figure out if the British Cycling partner insurance will cover the Mega……

    the action plus covers

    Cycling (including competition but not BMX or stunting);

    comes out at 45 quid , sounds good?

    Premier Icon Simon

    The snow card insurance covered DH MTB racing.


    Hi all
    Ive registered for this too along with 2 mates,It will be the first time for all of us so looking for as much info as poss.

    As for insurance, ive recently had 10 weeks off work from a bike related injury and had income protection insurance through British Insurance, the payment took longer then hoped to come through but i got £2100 in the end. not bad for £15 a month!


    Multisports assurance card as sold on the mega site gets you entry without a docs note or race licences and covers recovery iirc, plus whatever insurance you feel you want. I backed it up with dog tag last year.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Its free if you get helicoptered out of the race, I know this first hand.
    They might charge you if you need it in practice though.
    Tbh I could have walked out but they wouldn’t let me.


    Im in, first time for me, dont know anyone else whos entered, so could be going on me own!! unless i can persuade wife and kids to come out.
    now for insurance and digs.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    im assuming this covers for the race 20Euros, bargain!

    cant see T&Cs though, what about practice etc?


    have to arrange a STWpishup at smiths bar in resort then.

    British cycling race licence for me and also DogTag insurance for the time i’ll be out there, just incase.

    Now lets hope i don’t spill in quali this year and do a rib in so i can get a timed full race run in.


    I’m in. Despite doing it last year and having a log in already, still a nightmare. That sites terrible. Role on July.


    I am in for my first Megavalanche this year, first race and first time riding in the Alps too. Cant wait.

    Has anyone got some tips on what campsite to go to ? I was thinking one of the two in Allemond but would be interested in any opinions. Is under the lift stations just too mental ? I am grumpy if I don’t sleep. Bourg-d’Oisans looks good but maybe a pain to get to the lifts ?


    I stayed in the field by the lift station the week after Mega for last year’s Tour. Don’t remember it being that rowdy gone 11ish but then it seemed the Mega crowd that were just leaving were all in camper vans and tents, whereas the arriving Tour crowd were more in motor homes…..

    Oh and the lift seemed to start whirring from around 7ish.

    Bourg d’Oisans is nice but is indeed a bit of pain to get to the lift without a car.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I was thinking one of the two in Allemond

    I’ll probably stay there if I go back, buses go straight up to Oz and you won’t have to worry about the last lift times.

    There’s a very nice bakery and a cafe that does a mean hot choccie.


    We were never in AdH after 17.40 as we had to catch the last DMC lift to get us to the top of the decent to OZ station where we had a chalet – very quiet resort with half a dozen bars & restaurants.
    Bourg d’Oisans is nice but is 4 miles flat ride from the bottom of all but one decent & was 35C most days when sunny.
    Allemond is nice & at the bottom of most decents but again 35C
    AdH looked like it would be the best place to party if you wanted – I’m guessing 800+ people camping under the lift from Thursday-Sunday during the Mega.


    Thanks for the tips. I like the sound of being at the bottom of the runs to Allemond. It seems a shame to only use the top half of the mountain.

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