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  • McQueen RL2 or Sweep roughcut?
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    As above really, both £250 and will run at 140mm which is what I’m after. The roughcut damper is the better unit, but going forwards will everything just be boost?

    My heart say’s get the Sweep and just enjoy, but as I don’t have money to burn my head says the McQueen is probably more future proof, if nearly 300g heavier…


    Premier Icon leegee
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    I really liked my sweep roughcut.

    Premier Icon RicB
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    The roughcut damper is noticeably better than the RL2; not just in the rocky stuff either, as the adjustments mean you can set it with a bit of LSC so it feels more stable

    I’d buy the fork that’ll give you the most enjoyment now, rather than future proof something which isn’t critical. non-boost hubs will be around for ages and Xfusion forks generally have loads of tyre clearance (one of the reasons to go for boost with RS is the poor tyre clearance on a Pike)

    Edit – the RL2 damper is known to have a problem where air gets sucked into the damper, pressuring it and meaning you lose travel. Happened to me a couple of times, once in the Alps which was annoying.

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    I have had slant RL2 and currently have Trace RL2 and mqueen roughcut; i’d have the roughcut damper over the RL2. I assume the sweep is non boost? You can easily keep a non boost front wheel to go with the fork, so even if you switch the fork to a boost frame, just run boost rear, non boost front.

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    I’ve just moved from Sweep RL2 to Sweep Roughcut.
    The difference between it and the RL2 are like night and day. The RL2 is a decent damper, but very hard to stop it from diving without making initial travel worse.

    Basically, it’s a budget damper versus a modern one, and there’s no contest. Unless you need a proper lockout, which the roughcut does not have.

    Also, as above, the damper air problem in the RL2 happened to me on two separate forks, repeatedly.

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    I’ve got a McQueen RL2 on my FS (which was built on a budget) and a Roughcut non-boost Sweep on my hardtail.

    The roughcut is quite a lot better, and I don’t even know much about forks. But the RL2 is good enough, just a bit more chattery.

    Apparently you can buy the damper separately to upgrade it, which I might do at some point, if I can be bothered.

    Premier Icon theboatman
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    Thanks all, pretty much helped confirm my initial thoughts, so one Sweep roughcut is incoming ☺️ whilst I’m sure boost has its merit’s, it’s not something I’m hankering after, so seems daft not to get the fork that seems better for now.

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    Roughcut all day, rl2 a bit rubbish tbh.
    Saying that the roughcut isn’t as good as fox & rockshox higher end dampers, but if the price is good seeing as there seem to be silly deal on xfusion stuff atm.

    Premier Icon martinhutch
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    For 250 quid you can’t go wrong with the roughcut.
    Which is acknowledged to be the best Fox damper these days?

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