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  • Mazda 323 GTI Anyone remember them from the 1980s ?
  • Neil F

    iamroughrider – Member

    not sure if this is any good or too general

    ^ Thats the one, covers almost everything you need to know. 😀

    wasn’t sure if it covered the gti. Some gt / gti / turbo / sporting etc.. models might be a bit different ( engine – obviously but also suspension, transmission etc )to the more regular versions..

    haynes 2

    worth getting the haynes manual even if you do not intend doing too much work on it yourself. They are just useful sometimes to have around.

    Looks good. Very tidy. Enjoy 🙂

    Neil F

    There’s a hell of a lot of stuff available for download from the USA too, not to mention a huge import market for parts that you’ll probably find hard to get hold of over here.

    Good luck with it, you’ll enjoy it. 😀


    Just for anyone with an F, or even just a passion iinterest for one, I’m the president of the owners club

    Thought I recognised your username (& 323f) from the other site 😮 Great site it is too. I’ve the same bj 323 as you & if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about 323 ownership, its to keep an eye on the rear arches 😉

    Neil F

    Cheers man. 😀
    I had to weld my rear sills last year for the MOT, the sideskirts hide a multitude of sins. 🙄
    Doesn’t affect the earlier models quite so badly though……


    Vincent Bristow, garage owner/mechanic round the corner from me used to rally a 323 Turbo for years, back in historics these days, won the national 1600 class etc in his Escort. Still has the 323’s I believe but recall him saying both needed gearboxes which were the weak points in competition

    Another club323f member here 🙂
    Ours died last year due to corrosion in the rear subframe. She had 180k on the clock when this last pic was taken in Glencoe.



    Now I know this isnt a Mazda forum but it looks like I can get a few answers here

    1. Is it a hard job changing the Timing belt ? Rough estimate ? my mechanic is pretty good with prices but I know this needs to be done.

    2. Last oil change was in 2008 its done 700 miles since then ? Should it be changed again ?

    3. thermostat seems erratic £7 from gsf ! Hard job ? Could I do this myself ?

    Many thanks for all your replies

    Neil F

    😀 Hi Rob….. 😆
    Thermostat – fairly easy, sits on top of the engine near the distributor. Just make sure you don’t snap the bolts.
    Timing belt – fairly easy to do, access is the biggest problem. Changing the waterpump is usually recommended at the same time as its in the area and is fairly cheap(£25-ish)and if it went the belt would need to be removed again.
    Oil – I’d change it, and the filter, might have some moisture in it.

    Just on a side note, I thought I recognised your Reg. plate…….. I took this at a Mazda meet in 2005! 😆

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    My old one. Characterful (if blue plastic interior is your thing) and super duper reliable.

    mazda323 by matt_outandabout, on Flickr


    Neil F – G672 ALF must have come from the same supplying garage !

    MOT is due in July so going to wait till then to have MOT, service and Timing belt done, spoken to my mechanic and some other car forums and this been the recommended advice just incase the MOT is a disaster ! Sounds feasible.

    My mechanic said cost to replace timing belt about £200 all in which seems fair.

    I am totally reliving my youth its a real pocket rocket !

    Neil F

    Cost for the belt change seems fair, ask him how much to throw a new water pump in there as well. 😉


    Drove my Kiwi 323 to middle earth & back. Great car.


    ^^^^^^ I’d seen that eBay advert and was quite tempted! ^^^^^

    I had one of these –

    Running @230BHP.

    Still a wolf in sheeps clothing despite the big bumper to house the Intercooler.

    It was a really nice handling car, especially in the wet 😀

    Only downside was the MPG and having to feed it super unleaded.

    I miss it, but self preservation instincts made sell it.


    a wolf in sheeps clothing

    You’ve obviously seen some very unusual sheep.


    @tucker, living where I do.. yes, the sheep are unusual!

    OK, perhaps not overly sheepish, but rare enough to be generally overlooked on the road..

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