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    We’ve got a standard sprung mattress with a 30mm memory foam pad on top of it – seems to offer the best of both in terms of comfort.


    Just bought one from John Lewis last month.
    The sales guy was very helpful and helped distract me from the eye watering price with lots of info.

    I can sleep on almost any surface,but my significant other is very fussy 😉


    Ikea – 25yr guarantee, 90 days “try and return if not right”, THIS or THIS bang on your budget and very comfortable.

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    If you want another second hand one, I’ve got one my kid slept on for 6 months and isn’t used any more 😉 (I don’t think he weed on it)

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    See Linkity Link for the answers to my similar question


    The last matress I bought was 2nd hand and cost £29. It looked okay, but actually doesn’t really function as a mattress. More like a floppy thing with springs inside.

    Quite clearly I know nothing about mattresses.

    I’m looking for a single mattress (I know, it’s cheaper – and I live alone!) for about £100. I’ve seen a fair few of these ‘memory foam’ type ones on eBay for about that, but am not convinced about a pile of foam stuff as a mattress. Something with springs in will be better and last longer, right?

    Whatever type of mattress they have at Travelodge’s, though, might be perfect – as for me this is like sleeping on a cloud… Ahhhh…

    What’s good and what’s not?

    Somehow, I can negotiate the world of suspension forks and carbon fibre bit, but mattresses just make no sense to me.. 🙄

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    When I scanned the forum page I thought the title was “mistresstrackworld”.

    Feel disappointed and slightly guilty now…..


    I used or something similar last year. Very keenly priced and quick delivery for free.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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