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  • Marzocchi 55 … reliability really that bad ?
  • freeridenick

    RHS are yours the ETA?



    I'm getting a bit bored of saying this… but my '09 55 ATAs are great. no problems whatsoever.

    wondering if anyone knows if you can get or fit firmer springs in 55's so you can run less air load? tried windwave and they were not very helpful. Wondering if anyone had tried a botch that worked well? mine are fixed 160mm travel ones.


    well they survived 13 runs at UK bike park, thats a start!!

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    I had some 2007 66 ATA SL's – they were awfult- went back three times- yesterday just received some brand new 66 RC3 coil 2009's under warranty- so big thumbs up for windwave:) hope these perform better!

    Whichever ones you buy, make sure they have the red dot on the back of the brace, thankfully my new ones do:)

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    FWIW, I've just buggered the damping cartridge in a coil Pike – and my 66 SL ata damping is fine (though did have a new cartridge when they went back for something minor to be sorted)


    Hi ash

    Next time you are in Nice first let me know so we can ride, second go and chat to alticoop I knopw they got the solution around the problem (apparently due to the lub oil)

    :ucho love



    6 month old xc600's had no rebound control or lock out. Windwave had them back to me within 3 days with a replaced tst2 cartridge under warranty. Pretty good service!2 rides later the lock out doesn't work, and they feel uncontrolably bouncy again. Even with new bits in will they ever ride Ok or should I cut my losses??

    if the compression damping on the pikes has gone, just sent it to tftuned they can fix it for 25 quid and you don't have to post the whole fork off.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    oooh, is that right, Horatio ? Cheers ! (I asked on here a day or 2 ago but little response). Currently waiting to see about warranty cover.

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Ash: had a guest who's ATA cartridge failed last week and have had another 2 this season who have reported problems. Wouldn't touch them.

    That said, the lockout on my Lyriks has just stopped working…

    photo time
    this is what happened to my tst cartidge during the mega avalanche
    and this is what happened the next day to its replacement

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