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  • Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti EVO 2
  • Will you even notice 10mm – in reality with sag, 7mm?

    But no, sorry can’t help with your actual question


    Probably but with sag you won’t notice ‘spesh coming from fox forks marzocchi’s sit into their travel a lot


    I wouldn’t expect there to be any way to reduce travel. Ultimately, it’s going to be governed by the length of the Ti coil spring that’s in there.

    Also, as they ^^^ said, ‘zocchi coil forks sit low it their travel anyway, so you probably won’t notice it when sagged. Use less coil pre-load and you’ll achieve the desired effect.



    A pair of these forks are due to be delivered any day now, and the first thing i’d like to do (if its possible) is reduce the travel down from 170 to 160.

    Does anyone know if this is possible and if so where to start.



    does it have air preload like the older RC3Tis? Run it at “negative” preload: compress fork with air valve open, release and allow valve to close whilst fork is still compressed. Voila when fork is at full extension air chamber part of damper acts as a negative spring, fork sits in travel slightly more.


    Maybe a silly question but why would you buy something that is not suitable?

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    Yes – it can be done, see the thread below :

    Alternatively, send it off to Loco who will do a lovely job (he lowered my 44RC3Ti’s from 140 to 130).


    i’ve got a pair of 55cr’s set at 170mm…there was a little spacer that came in the box that needs to be used to reduce the travel to 150mm but i’m not sure they can be lowered to 160mm though…the weird thing is that the 55r comes with 160mm as standard but it doesnt say if the travel can be lowered to anything less…
    the marzocchi website doesnt indicate that your forks can be lowered so i’m not sure it can be done…i’m happy to be proven otherwise though

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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