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  • deadlydarcy

    Hmmm, who does that winky smiley remind me of JY? 😉


    Neville flamin’ Bartoss

    Class 😆

    Brilliant film, some good you tube videos too like chopper airways 😆


    I like the way Great British Bake Off uses music from Chopper. Kinda puts Chopper Reid and Mary Berry in the same room….

    Tom B

    One of the schools that I currently teach at is in Runcorn, so just a short distance from your beloved criminal utopia of Liverpool!

    Many many kids are from tough backgrounds….the vast majority are ace and certainly don’t worship career criminals!

    Maybe it was different 20-30 years ago, but it is not the case for the huge majority.


    I know runcorn very well, it is nothing like Liverpool,

    A similar example might be deprived parts of US cities, the people the kids look up to are either rappers and sports stars, or local criminals who’ve made it big, they don’t see that they be able to better themselves through the education/career path, and most of them never will, so it’s only natural that they aspire to something else.

    Tom B

    Ah right….sounds like a pretty sorry situation in Liverpool then!


    Very good thread 😆

    Good film, and couldn’t have been made without Marks amazing history. RIP fella.

    People have always had an interest in the ‘dark glamour’ of criminal lives. When I was younger, I read anything I could find about the mafia, but I don’t think I ever saw them as anything other than leeches. I was a biker for quite a few years as well, and spent a fair bit of time around patch clubs – again, superficially, they were ok, insofar as I never got on the wrong side of them, but you really don’t have to dig too deep to discover the reality. And then we come to the public hero worship of people like the Krays, and Charlie Bronson. All I can say is, if you’d had to spend time in their company, you might have a different perception of them.

    Premier Icon Lifer

    I guess that’s what happens when rappers look up to thugs
    And kids look up to rappers.


    Like Barnsleymitch, I read everything that I could find on the mafia.. Unlike him though, I saw this as the real thinking man’s career choice..

    Leaving school at the end of the 80s, having grown up watching a steady diet of war, strikes and protest on the TV, yuppies on one side of the coin, unemployment queues at the other, criminality looked lime a very sensible way to get ahead..
    A bit of nouse, a big dose of balls and the cut throat mentality taught to us by the tories could well see me making a meteoric rise up the career ladder if I played my cards right.. It was plain common sense..

    while I was still apprentice tea boy though, I developed a very unhealthy appetite for the high life and didn’t ever progress in the corporation..
    I don’t think it helped that my meagre cut throat aspirations were rather insubstantial for the task at hand..

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 90 total)

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