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  • Manually Creating GPX locations – Garmin
  • r8jimbob88

    Hi guys,

    Recently bought a Garmin Instinct GPS watch for trail running etc etc.

    I’d like to add a bunch of saved locations to it for use when out and about. I can see that you can either add them by adding your current location (not really practical if you want them in advance) or by entering the long / lat coordinates (boring).

    The watch isn’t compatible with Garmins Connect IQ thingy. Are there any websites or similar out there that would allow me to click on a map (satelite view would be good) that would create a GPX file for me to manually upload to the device?

    Is there a better way?



    You could install Garmin Basecamp on your PC, and use that to mark waypoints. Then send them to the Instinct.
    Or try the Garmin Explore app on Android / iOS.

    It is a lot quicker and easier than entering coordinates on the watch anyway.


    Or use the Garmin explore website which then syncs to your watch.


    Didn’t know about that Garmin Explore app. Works perfectly. Thanks fellas

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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