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  • Manchester Locals-parking near Old trafford????
  • Wozza

    Free parking on Ellesmere Street M154QR

    But I’d get there/here earlyish.

    There’s plenty of stuff in Stretford and Trafford for a few ££.

    Wozza-what time would you call earlyish????? When would traffic etc be worst?

    i usually park in the side streets on the far side of warwick road station
    best approached from moss side direction
    moss lane west bear right onto kings rd up to junction with warwick rd south and start looking
    then follow the crowds under the station underpass past the cricket ground
    15 mins walk to glory

    come on you reds

    I have been lucky enough to get some tickets for the Champions League Semi-Final tomorrow night.

    Will be driving down from Newcastle and looking to park reasonably near the stadium(less than 30min walk)-is there anywhere easy to find that you could reccomend?



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    When I went for the England Greece game a few years ago, one of the nearby primary schools was doing parking for a fiver – was secure and a good cause, I’d assume they do the same for all matches still


    Most ‘secure’ parking is run by the local gangsters. Used to work in an office near the stadium and we were threatened with a firebombing if the staff carpark wasn’t empty and left unlocked on matchdays!

    Beware, the area to the Southwest of the ground (Gorse Hill – bounded by the railway, Chester Road and the canal to the south) is all residents permits only on matchdays. There are regular patrols of the parking fine fascists.

    Bit further south (about 20 minute walk tops) there’s a primary school on Davyhulme Road East near junction with Chester road M32 0XZ. Usually £6 and apparently has toilets.

    thanks for the info so far-sounds like primary schools are the way to go!!!

    Planning to get in there about 6 or 6:30 to be there in good time!

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    Try at home and take the train, change in Manc for Old Trafford Station match day trains


    There’s plenty of stuff in Stretford and Trafford for a few ££.

    Many a time I’ve seen cars clamped especially around Gorse Hill (the flats/council property). There is a Primary school and a few others. Ive emailed you, my road is very quiet if you get there/here for 6/6.30pm latest. After that its touch and go. Plus you don’t have to pay £6 which I think is unfair on the working man.

    There are regular patrols of the parking fine fascists.

    For good reason. Occasionally we have people parking across the entrance to our drives (further up)- They are soon sorted by the said-Facists.


    i hope you’re supporting the away side, willy! 🙂


    Park on Ordsall Lane (or one of the steets of it e.g. St Clements Drive).

    10-15min walk to the ground.

    Easy access to M602 after the game to get on your way back to Newcastle.

    I live down that way, so I know it’s fine on Match days.

    Just remember, where ever you do end up parking, don’t leave anything on display in your car and you’ll be fine.


    Ellesmere Street has few restrictions but plenty of residents!! and i wouldn’t leave anything on show.

    You’ll definitely get a space around 4.30 but you may get lucky at 6pm.

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    Have parked at Stretford Leisure Centre with no problems – about 6 quid i think – my mate parks at the cricket ground – he says it has security cameras There is lots of parking. Both the above are off Great Stone Road Which is off Chester road (A56) & close to the ground. Good luck & enjoy the game.

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