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  • mammut – still good quality?
  • hora

    Other brands have ‘changed/not as good when sold on or with time etc.

    Anyone here used Mammut for years?

    My last (still used daily) are a soft shell (10yrs), fleece (5). Considering buying a primaloft jacket of theirs to past hopefully 10yrs.

    Premier Icon aidanoggy

    I bought a soft shell about 18 months ago, and judging by how it’s wearing so far I’ll get a lot more than 10 years out of it. Great kit


    Mammut make good stuff still. I’d buy it if i wasn’t poor though some of their stylings/designs are a little garish mind you.

    I prefer Montane – british company, good quality, relatively cheaper than most other brands.


    Got their polartec alpha jacket in October, so too early to tell on longevity, but have worn it frequently for riding and it’s a lovely bit of kit. Appreciate that this anecdote can be filed under confirmation bias.


    Garish. I know but Montane prism and Flux (no offense Montane) have odd sizing and look like binbags on!

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Im still using ski and walking gear from 15 years ago. I would say the quality is still there is you buy their best stuff, they do make some slightly lower quality and cheaper items but it’s still a premium brand.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Generally well made. Tend not to see returns/faults. Many of the fabrics are generic of course

    Like some of the other brands they are now chasing the leisure end of the Outdoor Leisure market. I guess that’s where there is more of a market.


    Excellent kit,had base jumper manta and ultimate goody for ever.

    Premier Icon santacruzsi

    Not had any of the later stuff but that’s probably because the older stuff I have is still in good order. I have a soft shell jacket and a pair of BASE jump pants. They’re all very well made and thankfully I didn’t pay full whack! ( I knew someone at the then distributors DMM! 🙂 ) I notice a lot of their products in the likes of go outdoors these days , but I am sure it is still great kit. I know they bought out Raichle footwear a few years back and rebranded all of their boots as mammut. I don’t think the footwear gets such good reviews.

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