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  • malvern hills on nyd
  • Wondering if it’ll just be too crazy busy with walkers on new years day or if it’ll be worth an explore as I’ll be around that way.


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    Depends on the weather.

    If it isn’t raining/blowing a gale then I wouldn’t go anywhere near the place. If it is, I might go really early and be on my way home by 9:30am.


    +1 What he said

    will be heaving and difficult to find anywhere to park if anything like nice day.

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    Sorry cant help with the question, but on the subject….. Next time I’m down in brum I wouldn’t mind heading out to the malverns. Do you have any GPX files to share singletracksurfer?

    Thanks all. Ah Forecast to be a nice day and not sure I’ll be up too early either.
    Think i’ll take bike and maybe give it a go. Doubt I’ll be riding too fast.

    Got a gpx I think. Email me.

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    Move along. Nothing to see here. Local hills for local people. I also have to agree with the comments of those above – I doubt I’ll even choose to go up there on my uni on NYD, despite not having some of the issues you get on a bike.

    Though I suppose you could get routes at – do be sure to pop in and give Paul a bit of your money if you’re here when they’re open! Oh, and whilst the Malverns do have a reputation for being all-weather, anything but the main stone tracks (which includes a lot of the stuff in those routes, pretty much anything which is interesting, anything where you’d avoid lots of people and a lot of the stuff you’d normally expect to be OK even in the wet) is currently a muddy mess.

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    Malverns will be crawling with walkers on NYD.

    If you want to tag along on a ride, I’ll be taking a group from Worcester either over to the Wyre, or the FOD (based on tomorrow’s recce of the Wyre seeing if its too wet or not).

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    Cheers guys, a couple of nice links and stsurfer ygm 🙂

    Thanks for invite, advice etc. Really wanted to ride on the 1st day of the NY but think i will ride on the 2nd Jan instead then.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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