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  • Mallorca MTB guided rides.
  • Premier Icon tthew
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    Any recommended outfits for off-road guided rides on Mallorca?

    Not sure I can bear the idea of a full on Roadie week without at least one dirty day, but would prefer to have the local knowledge. Puerto Pollensa as a start point. Next spring.


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    I did a 3 day off road ride from the south west corner of the island to pollensa across the tramunta range staying in various hotels along the way with Toni from

    the route we did was

    The website is a bit road bike oriented buyt he does mountain bike stuff, and just single days guiding etc .

    Or these guys look decent, but I havent used them

    Premier Icon andos
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    Ive ridden a loop around the north-east, starting at Alcudia and going round the peninsula a good few years ago- got horribly lost and ended up on a very steep and thorny hillside, but I got the impression there were some better tracks around if you knew the area.

    Premier Icon tthew
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    … got the impression there were some better tracks around if you knew the area.

    That’s why I’d prefer guided! If it’s only one day, I want to get all the good stuff and not end up on impassable donkey tracks.

    Thanks for the suggestions, good to know there are some options at least. 👍

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    Last day in Soller today and finished 4 days of trails. A lot are out and back or link sections of the MA-10. Trails can be a stony, very steep and technical in places. I used an eBike from here. I’m not sure trail wise for Pollenca as not seeing many on the map.

    I used Komoot but some of the routes are hiking trails so expect some ear bashing from hikers.

    Forgot to say the riding is awesome and scenery next level.

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    I had a day out with

    Alcudia start though

    Premier Icon dickyhepburn
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    Used both these, one south and one east of Pollenca:

    Great variety of routes when I last went, guide was bonkers fast and more capable than me (not hard) so could have slowed down a bit!

    Great routes again, mix of XC and DH, the XC bits can be quite quick as there is lots of german lycra action in the area, the DH is great around Son Servera but its not Tramuntana length downhills

    Have followed this guide book around the Arta area quite a bit (our place is on this side!) in the Parc natural:

    Follow these guys on insta and love their gravel routes as this is really a wonderful part of the island for that, if I’d been able to make it our there recently it was on my list to do:

    They’ve even had a world mtb champ out with them!

    Hope that give a bit of food for thought

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    I’ve only done self-guided exploring at the opposite end of Mallorca (Pegueranand thereabouts) but the riding is brilliant – rather like a hot dusty Peak District. Rocks galore! Hired an MTB for 3 days the first time, took my gnarly hardtail for the second fortnight (to my wife’s horror when she saw the size of the box!)

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    +1 for Julian’s suggestion, had a great day with Toni.
    On the other hand had another guided ride from a shop in Pollenca, (can’t remember who with) and It was terrible, waited around for an hour to ride around some woods because a complete newbie was tacked on to our group.
    Anyway, no help at all except to say ‘Toni’.

    Premier Icon dickyhepburn
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    @jkomo has a valid concern on group rides, Roxybike bike is good for this as they are all graded and you will be questioned about skill level when you book in for harder ones.

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