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  • Lyrik Select upgrade dampner
  • Premier Icon sheepshifter
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    Will this feel worlds apart with the upgrade ? or should i spend the money somewhere else on the bike. What exactly would i need , i know its the 2.1 do i need all the right hand internals.

    Premier Icon militantmandy
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    What’s the rest of the bike like? I think it would make a pretty noticeable difference, but there might be better ways to spend the dough. Depends if it’s 27.5/29 but its should be this:×110/p3862

    Premier Icon Onzadog
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    There are several damper upgrades forthe Lyrik. The trick is to know what it is that your fork currently is/isn’t doing that you want it to do/not do.

    It could even have nothing to do with the damper.

    Premier Icon joebristol
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    If you’re on the select then I think you have the ‘charger rc’ damper rather than motion control. It’s not a bad damper actually – similar to the Grip damper in the Fox Rhythm / performance.

    The upgrade you’re considering is probably similar to going from Fox Grip to Fox Grip 2.

    It’s a bladder damper on the proper charger 2.1 so it’s meant to keep oil and air seperate and has more adjustability. The RC2 version has hsc / lsc / lsr damping.

    Going from Moco to a proper charger was quite a big difference for me on a Yari I had. I think your difference will be noticeable but less of a change.

    What bike is it on / are there any other component compromises on it? Is the fork holding you back at all etc?

    Premier Icon sheepshifter
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    Fork is on a Scout 290 Pro , my wrists at the end of a ride are a little sore unlike when i ride my pike ultimate of dtswiss forks on my other bikes .

    Premier Icon Onzadog
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    Have you checked the bushing clearance? Wife had a set of Revs 9n an Orange and those were silly tight and caused simar symptoms.

    Premier Icon Tracey
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    If you feed the serial number into the Rockshox web site it will tell you what’s fitted to the fork. that should be your starting point. Its also got a basic tuning guide for your weight.

    We have both the Select Plus and the Ultimate Lyriks and its hard to tell the difference between them on the trails

    Just before Brexit, after some advice from here, I upgraded the damper on the 2018 Revelations on the Turbo Levo to the RC2 damper and also the latest air spring. Managed to find the parts discounted in Germany. The upgrade made a vast difference in performance. I’m not sure the German shops will now ship to UK and you are probably looking between £350 to £400 to upgrade yours to the latest Ultimate spec.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74
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    Charger 2.1 RC2 is around £180 on Bike-Discount as opposed to £350 from TFT etc.
    I went from MoCo to Charger 2.1 RC2 on my Yari’s and it was a significant upgrade.
    Not sure how much different the basic Charger RC is compared to the MoCo.

    Premier Icon Tracey
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    Its finding a RC2 Lyrik damper in stock with the EU sites that are willing to ship to UK and then adding the VAT plus the other costs involved that the hard bit

    Depending on the year you have the 3 models should all have the same Debonair air spring. When I was looking the difference was in the charger damper and seals
    Ultimates got the 2.1 RC2 and SKF low friction seals
    Select Plus got the 2.1 RC and SKF seals
    Select got RC

    Premier Icon walleater
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    I’ve owned three Lyrik Select Plus, and one Lyrik Ultimate. Maybe I got a pooey Ultimate as I preferred the Select Plus. The Ultimate felt harsh on chattery stuff but maybe there was a QC issue with the fork. But the Select Plus variant has always felt perfectly good for me.

    Premier Icon HoratioHufnagel
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    My old Lyrik RC felt rubbish sometimes as well. Like there was stiction or binding. Felt like damping was spiking. In the car park test it felt plush and normal.
    I upgraded to RC2 damper but it made no difference.
    The dampers are pretty similar inside, it’s just that with the RC2 the HSC adjust changes the preload on the shim stack, on the RC, you can open it up and adjust the shims to do a similar thing.

    I sent mine of to tftuned but they couldn’t sort it out either.

    I’ve no idea how or where you get the bushing clearance checked / adjusted. TF Tuned seemed unable to do it, said it would need new lowers.

    Premier Icon Onzadog
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    There are some who think the mid valving is harsh on the charger 2.1. Shockcraft even offer an upgrade called “unharsh my ride”. It could also be that which the OP is feeling.

    Checking bushings is pretty easy. Next time you’ve got the lowers off, remove the damper, air spring, garter springs from the seals and the foam rings. Try each leg one at a time to see if the CSU will drop smoothly under its own weight. If they both do, try them both at the same time with the wheel in place to check alignment.

    If they don’t drop on their own, there’s an issue.

    The kit to resize the bushings isn’t cheap but I’ve set myself up with 34 and 35mm kits. Maybe I should offer some sort of service but I’m not sure what it would be worth to people.

    Premier Icon binman
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    Not sure if this is helpful, so apologies in advance.

    Been through a 2017 Pike with basic charger RC, upgraded a 2018 Rev with a 2.0 RCT3 and put a 2.1 RCT3 damper in some 2018 Pikes. Now have Ultimates with the RC2 damper.

    Thing is, I have preferred to run them all with HSC and LSC on min / off. This is with the benefit of a Shock Wiz to help setup. The 2017 Pikes with RC damper feel the same as the others.

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