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  • Lynskey road bike sizing advice
  • Premier Icon amplebrew

    Not having owned a proper road bike before, I was wondering if anyone could give me a bit of a point in the right direction with regard to sizing.

    I'm looking at a Lynskey R340 and can't decide between the small or medium frame size.

    I'm 5ft 7 and both my mountain bike is 16" with 22.5" eff top tube and a 70mm stem.

    I know that the angles make it difficult to work out from my mountain bike size, but has anyone got any advice ❓

    I've looked at the Planet X website as I know that their Ti's are made by Lynskey and although they are slighty different geometry wise, they would suggest a small; although I seem to be on the border between the two.

    Any help will be really appreciated 🙂

    The geometry on the Lynskey is –

    HEAD TUBE ANGLE______________72.5______72.5
    SEAT TUBE ANGLE______________74________73.5
    TOP TUBE LENGTH : EFFECTIVE__53________55
    TOP TUBE LENGTH : ACTUAL_____51.5______53.5
    TOP TUBE SLOPE_______________8.2_______7.4
    HEAD TUBE LENGTH_____________11.5______13
    BB HEIGHT____________________26.7______26.7
    CHAIN STAY LENGTH____________40.8______40.8
    WHEEL BASE___________________97________98.6
    SEAT TUBE LENGTH_____________48________50
    STAND OVER HEIGHT____________73.9______75.6
    FRONT CENTER_________________57.3______58.9
    FORK RAKE____________________43mm______43mm

    *all in cm's

    I'm 5'10" with short legs and long arms and ride a medium long Lynskey Cooper with a 120mm stem if that helps. I ride a 18" bmc mountain bike and used to have a 16" 456 just to confuse matters.

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    Thanks rusty 8)

    What inside leg are you?

    As long as I've got the standover, I might be better with a medium then and just fit something like a 70mm stem.

    Dunno, 31" ish i think. Short legs, monkey arms. Where are you getting it from, get fitted if it's your first road bike, i was surprised how wrongly i had my old one set up when i got a proper fitting.

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    I was going to get it direct from Lynskey through one of the promo deals.

    The only proper road bike i've been on is my friends 56cm tarmac and that was HUGE!!!!

    felt like I was riding my dad's bike 😀 lol

    Premier Icon Daffy

    6' with 32" inside leg here and ride a 56cm Litespeed with a 56.5cm TT and a 100mm stem.

    But them look like compact geometry


    Shoot them an email – they are very helpful.

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    Daffy – Member
    6' with 32" inside leg here and ride a 56cm Litespeed with a 56.5cm TT and a 100mm stem

    That's brilliant,going off your height and bike dimensions, the 55cm top tube on the Lynskey will be too long for me at 5ft 7.

    Think I'll be better with the small then.

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    thumbie – Member
    Shoot them an email – they are very helpful

    They've been great with responding to e-mails.

    They reckon a medium would probably fit me, I'm just worried about the top tube length.

    Their medium has a 55cm eff top tube which seems to be a lot longer than frames from other brands.

    My 'ideal' frame size is a bizarre 54cm seat tube and 58cm top tube, hence the medium long and long stem.

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    I've had a look at the Wrench Science site as they have a sizing guide and they reckon I should have a total reach of 61cm.

    Based on what they reckon, with the 55cm top tube of the medium; I'd have to run a 60mm stem.

    I don't know how good that site is though.

    I think I'll be best trying a few bikes from different companies and seeing which comes closest to Lynskey's geometry.


    Go to a good LBS and get fitted properly. I'm 5'8" and ride road bikes with 56.5 top tubes. Oh, and try not to put lots of spacers and an upturned stem on it.

    Premier Icon amplebrew

    I've had a go on a road bike today that felt spot on.

    It worked out to be a 48cm frame with a 55cm eff top tube.

    So I think I'll be a medium 8)

    Thanks for the pointers, it's appreciated 🙂

    This is a medium long set up for 5"10 short legged monkey armed bloke.


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