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  • Low quality Endura clothing
  • Premier Icon davew1983
    Free Member

    Does anyone else own any Endura kit that is falling apart ??

    I have three separate items and all are coming to pieces, is this common or am I bought into a bad batch ?

    Premier Icon weeksy
    Full Member

    Nope, hoodies are superb.

    Premier Icon jimmy
    Full Member

    Only problem I’ve had was a 2nd hand pair of shorts I bought off here. After repairing they’re still going strong 11 years later

    Premier Icon davew1983
    Free Member

    I’ve had a pair Singletrack shorts that the stitching came free, gloves that the rubber logos on the back of the hand has come off and now just bought the Singletrack trousers and the two press studs on the waist bands have come off !!

    Good job I own my own outdoor equipment manufacture/repair company, I have repaired both the shorts and trousers as they fit like a glove and I dont want to mess around sending them back and losing use if them for a long period of time.

    Premier Icon iainc
    Full Member

    I have loads of their kit and nothing has fallen apart, despite many years use in some cases.

    Premier Icon davew1983
    Free Member

    Sounds like I’ve just had some bad luck, I will no doubt continue buying their stuff

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir
    Free Member

    Convert jacket, tape fell off seams and zips failed. 3/4 longs, pad disintegrated. Humvee shorts, stitching failed, zips failed. Two pairs of liner shorts have separated from the pads. So no, you’ve not been that unlucky in my experiences. Oh, yeah forgot the different items that have just been weirdly sized. My knee warmers seem to have been made for a giraffe.

    Premier Icon joebristol
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    I’ve found their gloves either last a long time or disintegrate within a few rides. So I avoid those – 100% gloves last much better and my new Royal Racing Storm gloves seem good too.

    Endura baggy shorts have lates me years so far – one pair has the stitching just beginning to go where the saddle rubs against them but I’ve had a lot of wear out of them.

    FS260 bibs also doing ok and their budget jacket I’ve got has lasted well too.

    I wonder if their quality control is a bit hit and miss on certain products – I’m never going to buy any of their gloves again but will continue to buy their shorts.

    Premier Icon scotroutes
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    Endura gloves seem to last me about 2-3 years.

    I have jerseys that are going strong after more than 6 years.

    Shorts seem to eventually wear out on the arse but no worse than any other brand.

    I also have some of the MT500 kit that I’m ekeing out as it’s fab but they no longer make it.

    The Baa Baa merino socks are superb for most of the year and my first choice when bikepacking.

    Generally, Endura are one of my go-to brands, along with Polaris at the cheaper end and Gore at the higher end.

    Premier Icon a11y
    Full Member

    I’ve never known another brand to have such a range of quality across their products. Still much more ‘hit’ than ‘miss’ with me though. And as with others, sizing is inconsistent.

    Merino base layers, Spray baggy shorts, jerseys, original Hummvee shorts (not the current ones) – superb.

    Gloves – utter guff.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
    Full Member

    I have Endura kit that either lasts forever or starts to crumble within a few rides. It seems very hit and miss at times.

    I have also had a grumble at their really poor design on some items I have – new winter bib longs with a seam for different foam in the chamois right at the front, chafing some rather tender areas. Zips with unfinished ends that a melted off – I have hand sewn them down to stop them rubbing.

    Mrs_oab had two pairs of their inner shorts that fitted well and lasted well (until the Gel in the pads starts going all lumpy). She bought a third set of same model from same shop – and found the sizing totally different!

    I am rather torn over them – some of the kit I have had such as Singletrack or Humvee shorts, an old thicker jersey are just superb and have lasted huge time. Other bits just feel ill-thought through, and when combined with hit and miss quality or sizing, do I buy again?

    Premier Icon v7fmp
    Free Member

    i have an Endura onesie (singletrack suit), Had it four about 18 months and the main zip was getting really stiff/almost impossible to undo. On closer inspection some of the teeth appears to be damaged.

    I emailed endura asking if they can repair it (i was happy to pay for it). They told me to return it to CRC. A few emails back and forth, returned it to CRC and a few days later a brand new one arrived.

    Was pretty pleased with the outcome!

    What items do you have that are falling apart and when did you buy them? As there is a pretty good chance they will replace them.

    I suggest giving them an email and see what they say.

    Premier Icon jhinwxm
    Free Member

    Mostly positive with Endura. Had some Humvee shorts that lasted years until they failed in the arse area, just through wear and tear though so no complaints.

    My MT500 waterproof shorts didn’t last as long and holes appeared after around 2 years use but I did wear them a lot through some horrendous conditions. I did expect them to last longer though.

    Their gloves would last around 1 year then disintegrate. 100% gloves are far superior in every way.

    Their customer service / repair service is good though, so if you do have issues I’d defo recommend contacting them. I did when I first had some waterproof shorts, first ride in them I came off my bike and tore a small-ish hole in them. Sent them back for repair and they did it for free.

    Premier Icon intheborders
    Free Member

    Always had quality kit from them, but then only buy their more ‘top end’ stuff.

    You don’t actually say though how old or how well/badly you treat your gear.

    Premier Icon Daffy
    Full Member

    Both of my sets of Humvess came apart at the stitching on the front panel within months of buying them. It’s the only Endura clothing I own and It’ll likely stay that way.

    Premier Icon b33k34
    Full Member

    another on the variable quality/design control process at Endura.

    All the stuff I had from the ‘Equipe’ road range from some years back is the best quality/design kit I’ve ever had – the gloves have lasted particularly well and really sensible design for a cool weather glove like a long cuff so no gap between jersey and glove.

    The MTR stuff was great quality too, but the MTR shorts and a rough patch in the back (that gripped the outers) and ridiculously tight elastic on the legs. But for every brilliantly fitting, long lasting, great value garment theres been something else with a rough seam that made it unusable.

    Premier Icon Radioman
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    I have an Endura winter jacket where the seam has come away on both cuffs. It happened after not much use. By the time I noticed it the warranty had probably already expired. The jacket is still usable but the loose cuffs are irritating.

    I have been an Endura user for many years and to be fair most of their products lasted well.

    Their prices are reasonably fair too even so I find I can only really warrant buying in the sales.

    Some other MTB clothing like Fox pricing is totally ridiculous. The cost of some manufacturers shorts is the same as a formal suit! On our cafe stops we often see the road guys going out in full Rafa? Kit that costs £££s and often all in black too 😳

    I particularly like Endura Humvee shorts and MT 500 and “burner” products. I recently bought their MT500 burner long trousers which work well on winter trails. It’s a shame they don’t do their MT500 tights anymore.

    Premier Icon finbar
    Free Member

    I’ve had two pairs of winter gloves and some overshoes from Endura that didn’t even last a season. Haven’t bought anything from them since.

    EDIT: Tell a lie – just realised I do have an Endura softshell that I bought from Evans’ pre-takeover clearance sale for £11. Not worn it yet, I’m waiting for my current Gore one to expire first but that seems to be lasting forever.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog
    Full Member

    Sounds like I’ve just had some bad luck, I will no doubt continue buying their stuff

    Historically I’ve had terrible ‘luck’ with Endura along with poor customer service. I thimk they have – or had – a historical, cultural problem with manufacturing standards / design / quality control, that people treat charitably because they are a UK brand with mountain bike heritage. I have no idea if they’ve improved since being bought by Pentland Group – the company behind Berghaus and others – because I’m reluctant to buy Endura again.

    Premier Icon porter_jamie
    Full Member

    were they uk made, and now not? i had some shorts which seemed to last for years, the most recent pair dont seem anything like as well made

    Premier Icon stcolin
    Free Member

    I’ve had a mixed experience. MTR shell jacket shed its taped seams after 2/3 washes, button came off a pair of Singletrack shorts early on and just this weekend my MT500 shorts have shed their taped seams, although they are quite old.

    I like their stuff mostly and it fits pretty well. I have an MT500 softshell that is going strong after about 8 years.

    Premier Icon Scienceofficer
    Free Member

    I dont buy Endura stuff anymore. Every single thing I used fell to bits, usually by premature stitching failure.

    The final straw was wearing my MT500 shorts seat through in just over a year. The repair that I paid half the price of the shorts for was an iron on piece of plastic that came off in a month.

    Fit is funny too. It seems to be built for 7ft tall spiders.

    Probably 10 years since the last stuff I had. Some decent other options around now.

    Premier Icon coynie09
    Free Member

    Iv’e like Endura Humvee shorts 2 pair but the Humvee inner shorts (4 pair ) all seem to be different length’s

    Premier Icon bruneep
    Full Member

    It’s the elastic tape measure they use to make their items with. I have large and medium shorts and trousers. Its a lottery ordering new, end up buying one of each and returning the one that doesn’t fit.

    Premier Icon hooli
    Free Member

    90% of my kit is Endura as it fits me well, doesn’t have big logos and is reasonably priced. Cant say I’ve had any quality issues.

    Premier Icon mashr
    Free Member

    Full Member

    It’s the elastic tape measure they use to make their items with. I have large and medium shorts and trousers. Its a lottery ordering new, end up buying one of each and returning the one that doesn’t fit.

    In the last 12 months of so I’ve bought 3 “tops” from them; gilet, riding t-shirt and a baselayer. Gilet is great fit, t-shirt is baggier than expected, nearly had to be cut out of the baselayer as I was genuinely worried I was stuck in it. All labelled as the same size, their own info suggested I should’ve even been in a smaller baselayer!

    Premier Icon davew1983
    Free Member

    The shorts and gloves are eight months old and the trousers less than a month !!

    Are these items made for the world of MTB which is by nature rough ?, I do a fair amount of ‘gravity riding’ through close singletrack so a lot of contact with foliage.

    Premier Icon davew1983
    Free Member

    I have had the items repaired and modified by the company in run to prevent further issues. The stitching has been reinforced and the waist band closure on the shorts and trousers have been replaced with a velcro closure system

    Premier Icon JonEdwards
    Free Member

    Another one who has mixed luck here. I’ve got a pair of Thermastat bib-longs that must be 15+ years old – just about worn through the crotch now, but they’re still just about decent. I’ve yet to see a viable replacement – unpadded, waterproof shins, double thickness knees & arse.

    There’s a bunch of other stuff I’ve bought that’s needed stitching repairs after a pretty short time, but functions OK after that. Fit is all over the place (every pair of (small) baggy shorts I tried fell off me if I breathed in) and I basically only buy their gear if its a)discounted, b)in an actual bricks’n’mortar shop where I can try on the exact item I’ll be purchasing to avoid sizing issues. I’ve just got a Pro SL softshell jacket 50% off through this route, which seems lovely on the first couple of wears.

    I do look at a lot of their gear and think “ooh that looks nice/well designed/well featured”, but I just can’t justify the costs for the potential risk of having something that’s a lottery as to whether it lasts. The last time I tried on an MT500 waterproof jacket, it was spot on, but its an RRP of £230 and there’s no way I’d be prepared to crash an MTB in it, and if I got less than a decade out of it I’d be disappointed – real world most “waterproofs” only work as such for a couple of rides, are tolerably leaky for about 2 years then only fit for trail building/bikewashing duties. Add in the possibility of it randomly disintegrating somehow, and “no thanks”…!

    Premier Icon ransos
    Free Member

    I had a really nice Endura waterproof with the world’s flimsiest zip. They replaced it without a quibble but the new jacket (a new design) has exactly the same problem. And the taping is already starting to go on one of the seams.

    Premier Icon LS
    Free Member

    I used to be the kit bod for a club and also a racing team. We had variable quality and customer service but we gave up after one particular occasion – an order of 35 items was three months late due to ‘being held up in QC’.
    When it all finally arrived I opened the box and then sent 20+ of the items back to be remade. Men’s chamois in women’s shorts, panels not sewn in the correct places, incorrect bibs on shorts, it just went on.
    So the ‘QC’ argument was total rubbish. I got it all fixed but I didn’t use them again nor will I ever do.

    Premier Icon nickc
    Full Member

     because I’m reluctant to buy Endura again.

    I’ve some “legacy” bits and pieces – leg warmers, a pair of padded undershorts and Singletrack waterproof that sits at the bottom of my pack as an emergency shell, (probably the reason it’s lasted) and once they’re done I won’t have any more of their kit and I’m unlikely to change that. Last straw for me was a pair of their waterproof shorts that split at the seams after 2 years. Just too much of a gamble

    Premier Icon mtnboarder
    Full Member

    Variable experiences here too- gloves with stitching failing, seam tapes on shorts come away, but other things seem to last very well.
    That said, I like the fit especially of the gloves so will make use of the returns policy and put up with having to exchange stuff that fails..

    Premier Icon FunkyDunc
    Free Member

    I’ve never liked their kit, its not cheap, but not mega expensive, but I find the fit more akin to the cheaper end of the market, and the quality just below avg.

    So I either buy more expensive stuff from quality brands, or go for cheaper stuff that is just as nearly good.

    Premier Icon martinhutch
    Free Member

    I’ve found endura gloves disintegrate a lot quicker than others, and their zips break more quickly too. Don’t know if I’ve just been unlucky.

    Premier Icon thecrookofdevon
    Free Member

    Agree with much of the above. I have two tops that I bought circa 1999 and they are still going strong although had have the zips replaced after about 10 years. More recently I bought some MT500 trousers which are great but the click inner shorts seemed to disintegrate almost straight away.
    So when they are good they are very good but when they are bad they are rubbish.

    Premier Icon chakaping
    Free Member

    As above, the fit is a bit weird and they somehow manage to keep their prices higher than the (often better) competition.

    So I only have a (heavily discounted) MTR emergency shell and a Baabaa base layer, both of which are very good TBF.

    Premier Icon mjsmke
    Full Member

    Got a few things that are all lasting well.

    Shorts, gloves, insulated gillet, Jersey. All been used a lot and seem fine. Gloves have the most wear but expected that.

    Premier Icon clubby
    Full Member

    Must be lucky with the gloves. I’ve three (different style) pairs and zero issues.
    Baa baa stuff really nice but other jerseys never fit and very variable in sizing. Same issue with recent shirts which were returned but have older shorts that are still going great. Have also had the separating pad but after four/five years which for the price is acceptable to me for the use they got.

    Unable to use any of the full leg length range as they are just way too long for me. Must be a market for short leg cycling bibs or troos.

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir
    Free Member

    For context most of the Endura kit I had was about 15 years ago. I emailed them then about the issues I had and got a very unsatisfactory response. The liner shorts were a more recent purchase, I’d hoped things might have improved. For comparison I have two pairs of Dakine shorts that are well over ten years old and still going strong as is some Ground Effect stuff of a similar vintage, so I don’t wreck everything I own.

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