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  • Loose riders jerseys
  • heebyjeeby
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    On the hunt for a new jersey something maybe a bit different to that on offer by the usual suspects, now maybe I’ve been hiding in a cave (or in lockdown) but just come across loose riders… anyone got any real world experience?  How do they size up?  Etc etc

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    DHaRCO, are pretty swish, in Hawaiian shirt style.

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    I can recommend the morvelo mob jerseys

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    Never had any Loose Riders gear. I always thought it looked a bit like the Wulfsport of MTB.

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    I have one of their long sleeve jerseys from a few years back, love it tbh. I don’t really like long sleeve jerseys and it takes a lot of effort to prise me out of my Fox kit so that’s a bit of an achievement too. I got it pretty cheap in a sale, don’t think I’d pay £50 but then I am tight.

    A lot of the designs are trying way too hard, but they have a nice line of muted colours too. Or you can just go full Four Wolf Moon

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    i had a couple when they very first came out a few years back. Size wise i wore a large and it seemed to be similar to Fox etc. Quality was good too.

    Assuming they havent changed their supplier, you cant go too far wrong. Although some of the designs are utter cringe…. 420 blazin y0!, equally, some are really simple and classy.

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    Not sure about the full ganja look but some of the toned down designs I think look good….cheers for the replies

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    Ooh, really liking some of those designs (the muted ones!), really my type of thing.
    I do not need any more tops I do not need any more tops I do not need any more tops I do not need any more tops I do not need any more tops I do not need any more tops I do not need any more tops

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    Can’t quit cartel do some short run designs that seem good

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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