Longshot – anybody here drive a 6metre long motorhome (or maybe similarish van)

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  • Longshot – anybody here drive a 6metre long motorhome (or maybe similarish van)
  • flatfish

    Borrowed a friends last year and it was fine. Everybody tends to get out of the way. This was 6.7 metres iirc.

    Mpg’s were very low 20’s.

    If we had the money spare, I’d have one myself.

    Premier Icon Shandy

    Its worth considering motocross van conversions for what you’re describing, they are designed around muddy bikes, standard motorhomes will be configured to maximise the internal space.

    I’ve driven a couple of motorhomes and they’re fine as long as you’re not expecting to go anywhere fast. Most of the time you can plan around avoiding tight spots, people are pretty understanding if you just wave and smile at them like a bumbling idiot.


    No problems here with a 6m motorhome that’s been down plenty of tiny, twisty singletrack roads. In terms of manouevrability, the placing of the rear axle and the consequent rear overhang is probably more of a constraint in tight spots than the overall vehicle length.


    I have a small van, but for a family aye, a motorhome would be your best bet, there’s plenty of choice out there


    6m panel van (MWB Iveco) conversion here. Absolutely no problems on small country roads. Generally if you meet a car coming the other way they will usually back up if necessary, if they won’t just stop and put the kettle one 😀 Tractors are another matter though. The high driving position does give a good view over the hedgerows to help with anticipation. A coach bodied motorhome would be a bit wider and might present more issues on narrow lanes.

    Parking can sometimes be a little tricky if the spaces are tight. I’ve never not got parked somewhere, it just needs a little more thought and planning.

    MPG is uaully high 20’s, as long as you don’t go over 70 on the m-way.

    Condsidering selling mine as with work etc it just doesn’t get used enough 😕

    Premier Icon DavidB

    I have a Cia Carioca 656 which fits exactly your needs. We’ve been everywhere in it with two teenage kids including some seriously tight Isle of Wight lanes.

    It’s absolutely fine to drive and I don;t find it hard to manoeuvre, we got reversing sensors fitted and I have a rear camera as well..but never use it. The garage is fantastic when I am on trips with mates as it can hold 2-4 bikes depending upon dismantlement.

    MPG can touch 30 if I am REALLY careful. As per mark90 never ever had a problem finding somewhere to park. Bloody love the thing, it has taken us everywhere, Alps, Scotland etc…

    Premier Icon Drac

    I drive something similar in a rural area and have no issues but I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now.

    I drive a ten metre long 26t truck. Little country lanes, singletrack roads, etc.
    You’ll get used to it. Practise manouvering in an empty car park, and as someone else said, watch for the overhang swinging out when turning tightly.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Caravan 🙂



    if so how does it work in UK re smaller roads/rural areas.

    Looping round car+tent+B&B/car+caravan/motorhome options for holidays etc (2 ‘short’ people + 2 or 3 small (14/16″) mtb), on motorhome the smallest ‘viable for us’ appear to be the 6m long ones so was wondering how people go on smaller rural roads (singletrack etc) and for parking and general enjoyability of the drive, also what fuel/mpg.

    Also, the 6m means you can get a (small) builtin ‘garage’ that would seem to hold two mtb, the other option would be a slightly shorter motorhome and get a custom box built to stick on back (*have security reservations about rack so want bikes hidden) and was wondeing if anybody had similar experiences

    Edric 64

    have driven all sorts of similar size vans to this in rural areas and they are fine .The best biking rig ive seen was a mates converted Iveco with as you mention a bike garage in the back with compressor ,jet wash and tool kit.The middle slept him and his missus 2 kids and the dog .These are probably a better bet in narrow lanes being narrower in body and more robust than a coach built motor home.Main problem is height for car parks

    Blummin eck – my 4×4 pick-up is 5.5mtrs long, you’ll be fine.

    Now, it gets interesting when I have a 7.5mtr caravan hitched to the back. 13mtrs of articulated oil tanker when it comes to turning circles – still, never had a problem!


    Borrowed a friends last year and it was fine. Everybody tends to get out of the way. This was 6.7 metres iirc.

    Mpg’s were very low 20’s.

    If we had the money spare, I’d have one myself.

    I think mine is 6.7m and and not just country roads, I have had it through narrow medival french villages etc.

    It is LHD which is counter-intuitive, means in the UK I can get over right to the last inch to squeeze by other traffic.

    Biggest problem is actually that it is over 3M tall so you have to think in 3D – so overhanging trees and even sign posts, and that narrow/low brick railway arch quite near Cannock was an OMG moment. Handles like a canal barge, esp. in the draft from lorries.MPG is low 20’s if I am lucky.

    I am selling mine now the little people are too big for the bunks, which is really sad because I absolutely love it.

    b r

    This is my wife’s horsebox, about the size you are looking at.

    tbh Its as easy to drive as a car, and ‘cos it’s ‘square’ very easy to park. But, one thing it has which is brill is a reversing camera.

    Premier Icon techsmechs

    Ours is a full service motorhome with a rear garage that will take 4 bikes, plus BBQ, plus toolbox, Plus spares and comes in under 6m. I have driven it all over the alps and the UK into race sites and such like. we get about 25mpg, and itll happily cruise on the motorway at 70mph if you wish and still return that. I quite like driving it, the elevated driving position is good, and itll hustle along B roads surprisingly well. 2.8fiat engine is enough on the hills, and isn’t too noisy.

    It’ll sleep 4 adults comfortably for a decent trip or 6 if your very good friends (over cab double, dining area double and 2 rear bunks) Full blown air heating and enough hot water for a decent shower post ride is ace. Its warm enough in the winter for trips away, I’ve slept comfortably in it at -8 without really noticing. External gas point allows us to hook a BBQ into the gas supply(LPG from the pump

    I know what I would replace it with, if I had too and it would basically be the same

    *this isn’t mine for sale – just an example of it

    Motorhome Perfection

    We have a Chausson Flash 04, with the 140PS engine. It is 5.99m long, with a garage under the fixed rear bed. It is an excellent vehicle. Perfect for 2 adults, with space for 2 XC and 2 DH bikes in the garage (plus all the usual summer stuff).

    We now have a 2 year-old and another on the way, so our space may be tested. We uses it frequently in Scotland all year round, and have completed 3 alpine roadtrips of 4-6 weeks in length.

    Careful, considerate driving returns close to 30mpg from the onboard computer. Diesel is also used for the heating, which is excellent. We are lucky to be able to afford to run a 3rd vehicle, and as a result I would not consider using it as a day-to-day vehicle, as it is no way near as practical as a car. Driving is easy (as comfortable as a car) and parking/manouvering is ‘not difficult’.

    Like the others, length is no problem. Mine is a Iveco MWB (6 metres) like Mark90’s, the only thing you need to watch is the long overhang when leaving parking spaces/U turns etc.

    Length still no problem when I’m towing, when its 12 metres long.

    Width is a much bigger issue, you will notice the extra width of a coachbuilt and its long reach mirrors on narrower roads. My work van is 7’6″ (normal luton width) plus extra for the mirrors and you do sometimes have to take avoiding action if a similar van comes the other way in a hurry.

    If you go looking at self converted campers/motorcross vans, be very careful about the weight. A good number of camprvans (especially the LWB Iveco’s) and loads of motorcross vans are well overweight, there is so much space inside it doesn’t take much to overload them and its difficult to get the weight down once they are built. Get it to a weighbridge on the test drive and check the gross and individual axle weights.

    Premier Icon althepal

    I drive 7 meter plus wagons all day. No problems on singletrack roads, have got them through some tight gaps at speed :D. Parking can be tricky sometimes but I usuallyy just dump it in the road and stick the hazards on although as noted above sensors and a camera are brilliant- especially on thr bigger ones we have. You get used to the size.
    Ps, my wagon has got blue lights a siren but similsr to what youre talking about, i prob worfy about economy less thsn if it was me fuelling it.

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    As above, we’ve got a 6.5m Chausson Welcome 35 in left hand drive, it’s the huge overhang at the back which you need to take care with, ours is massive.

    Getting over into the edge of the road is much easier with the lh drive here in the UK.

    Here’s my camper, its older than some of the ones on here but is a huge 6 berth with 3 double beds. and everything all the more modern campers have.

    Are you looking at a coachbuilt or an A class?

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