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  • oldnpastit

    Doing this in reverse a few years ago I got somewhat lost crossing over the M25 as it’s all a bit of a maze getting back to Pickett’s lock if you’re not familiar with it. A map/GPS would have been useful.

    Have a great ride mate.

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Trying to do this tomorrow. London – Cambridge is an organised ride so I’m not worried about it, but returning to West London (Shepherds Bush) is what I’m concerned about.

    My plan for the return route is follow the B1368 to the A1170 (parallel to the A10), head West towards Hatfield and then South on the A1000 towards Hampstead Heath from where I can find my way home. Anyone care to critique my route please?

    I’ve done enough training so the distance is okay. There are feed stations on the way, so nutrition for half the leg is okay too. I’ll pack the same amount of food I’d pack for a 100km ride for the return journey, and there are plenty of places we can stop for grub on the way back so we should be ok there too. I’ll take 2 inner tubes over the usual 1 and the usual spares (light rain jacket, multitool, tyre levers, pump).

    The only thing I am worried about is having a couple of others relying on me to lead them home. I’ve told them to pack the same spares as me, but is there anything else I could be doing? Never really played ride leader before (apart from leading the missus out!).

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Cheers buzz! I’ll have to tow Trem back so let’s hope the legs hold up!

    @oldnpastit I have a GPS and have mapped a route back. I’ll bear in mind the comments about Pickett’s Lock. Looks like it’s 75km back, so not as bad as I thought. More concerned about how busy it is on the way back! Any advice?


    I did the opposite last year I wouldn’t bother carrying food for the return leg. Just pitch up provisions on the way.

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    I regularly commute on the A1000 , through Hatfield , from Stevenage .
    It’s a good option.
    Fwiw,I would split off at North Finchley (Ballards lane)
    & aim for Golders Green rather than go up to the Heath .
    Edit…there’s a plenty of places for snacks on the way from Hatfield

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Now that it looks like we have to go back to Pickett’s Lock (mate’s kindly offered to drive me there) the route is looking like this:


    The more important problem is how to best pack my Scotch egg in my jersey!

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