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  • Loakes shoes
  • Premier Icon SaxonRider
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    I picked up a pair of Loakes boots (ankle height) from TK Maxx yesterday for less than £100. I can’t really afford them, but on the basis that I can return them unworn if I decide that they definitely will break the bank, I bought them and brought them home.

    They seem lovely, but does anyone on here have experience of wearing Loakes that might convince me to keep them or return them either way?

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    My wedding shoes were Loakes, chosen as my mate who was I was best man for a few years before had a pair.

    20 years on and they are still going strong.

    Premier Icon jamesmio
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    I’d they’re the UK made ones then they’ll outlive you.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider
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    If they’re the UK made ones then they’ll outlive you.

    Alas, they’re made in India. I can understand that that could entail a difference in quality, but do we know of any empirical data on that?

    Premier Icon Superficial
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    They do a whole range of styles, from hand-made traditional long-lasting ‘proper’ shoes, either made in England or abroad, to more modern designs that are universally made elsewhere using more affordable techniques. I can’t remember the names of the various product lines, but it’s on their website. The ones you’ve bought are probably still decent, but perhaps not up to the same standard as the handmade-in-UK ones.

    Premier Icon hammy7272
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    Lovely shoes, feed them often and they will look brilliant and last a long time.

    Premier Icon teaandbiscuit
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    It can take a couple of weeks of blisters before they’re worn in, but when they are, they’re really comfy. Don’t make a quick decision!

    Also, if they’re the smooth leather soles, they’re lethally slippy in the wet, and you’ll get damp feet when the water soaks through. Rubber soles/ half soles help massively

    Premier Icon james-rennie
    Free Member

    If they’re made in the UK they will be worth keeping, looking after, resoling when needed etc.
    If they’re the from the cheaper range they’re probably close to normal retail price, and you can send them back knowing you’ll be able to get another pair whenever you like for similar money

    EDIT: beaten to it, I see the manufacturing location bit has already been mentioned above

    Premier Icon Scapegoat
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    They won’t be rubbish, I seriously doubt whether Loake would put their name on a pair of sub-standard boots.

    If they are of welted construction they’ll repair them for you. Repair is a complete refurbish, and worth every penny. I’ve got a pair of their handmade brogues I bought in 2015/16 for £250 that have been refurbished once since, and they are still absolutely superb.

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain
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    I’ve had several pairs over the years and until about 2 months ago nothing but good comfortable wear and zero complaints.

    My only moan is I got a pair of boots late November and the laces we do ridiculously short as to entail unlacing all but the last 4 eyelets to get them on and off. Easily sorted by putting decent length ones in but 100cm laces in a combat boot is ridiculous.

    Premier Icon drlex
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    My TKMaxx Loakes purchase was a pair of high gloss monk shoes. The leather sole went through very quickly and the heel looks to be hollow, judging from the wear. Still uncomfortable and I won’t bother with Loakes again. In contrast, a pair of Coach ankle boots from TK for a similar price have been superb.

    Premier Icon monkeycmonkeydo
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    Grensons here.I,d erar them in around the house for a few weeks then hairdryer them before wearing.Dors the Loakes site not gi e you information on how to break-in their shoes?

    Premier Icon earl_brutus
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    Only ever had the loake 1880 uk made stuff and it’s lovely. Up there quality wise with Cheaney and trickers in my opinion. Not had the India made stuff.

    Premier Icon prettygreenparrot
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    My experience of Loakes was awful. Bought a pair of short top lace up boots from Jones.

    Took ages to wear in. Very hard construction meant walking was like riding a fully rigid bike with solid tyres. Leather sole was poor at grip on most any surface. Sole wore out quickly despite occasional uses due to discomfort.

    Looked good though. Wouldn’t buy again.

    Premier Icon lunge
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    They’re generally very good.
    Leather soles by nature lack traction and wear quickly if worn in the wet, but that’s not a Loake thing specifically.
    Even the Indian made ones are good.

    Premier Icon Philby
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    Had a pair of Loakes Chelsea boots for well over 20 years and they’re still going strong and look great. Tend to wear them occasionally rather than as daily footwear, especially when I have to get dressed up for anything work or social related.

    Premier Icon 136stu
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    There is an old saying along the lines of spend as much as possible on your bed and your shoes because you spend most of your time in one or the other. Keep, wear, enjoy is what you should do, but I’m a worrier too!

    Premier Icon cheekyboy
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    Had a pair of Loake chukka boots for a good 10 years, totally hammered for the last 3 years re-soled and re-heeled 3 times, the uppers finally gave out, these would havew been long before the Indian manufacturing.

    Premier Icon scratch
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    As above, they’re probably close to RRP I’d have a look if Herring have on sale before potentially sending back. The Herring range themselves by are meant by to be decent quality.

    The UK made ones I have, have been great but the non-UK do seem a step down materials wise when I’ve seen them in TK Max, sorry if I appear snobby, I don’t spend a lot on other items of clothing but do have a soft spot for Northampton made brogues.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes
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    Is it these ones? Nice boots, and well made. If they add a bit of joy to your day pulling then on, and you don’t end up with a bad case of more month than money, keep them and enjoy.

    There are a couple of reasons why they might not be “forever” boots, depending on your situation.

    They’ve been made with a lightweight sole to appeal to people who live in trainers, when it wears out, it ought to be resoleable, because it has the goodyear welted contruction (analogy, lugged and brazed frame, a competent builder can change a dinged top tube without starting from scratch), however the sole is Loake’s own lightweight one which might not be available off the shelf for your local cobbler to used cost effectively. A standard sole can be replaced like for like, or swapped to a Vibram, Commando, Dainite, leather or whatever. I’m lucky to have at least three excellent cobblers in town, at much lower prices than sending back to factory.

    These are painted boots, the finish you see is applied on top of the leather, a good way of getting a high gloss finish, or getting one colour onto a hide that hasn’t been coloured. Not a bad thing, but scuffs will show differently to full grain, and if they get scruffy , then either stripping off the remaining finish and repainting or dying and polishing are options.

    Obviously if it ain’t these boots, it doesn’t apply, but these show on txmaxx website and I looked them up at Loake.

    I didn’t start writing to try to talk you out of them, but I think I ended up that way.

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