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    The Passat was a pool car – who is going to use their own car.

    But I do get your point – I’m pretty sure a Police storage facility does not have a big sign on the fence saying – Police Storage Facility!

    Me & Mrs Egf have just recently started watching LOD on catchup (always late to the party) Can’t get enough of it, & we somehow watched series 3 1st!
    I was in Dublin last year & one of the lads said, ‘that’s him out of LOD’ in a bar we were in. It was Adrian Dunbar but he could’ve been the Pope for all I knew at the time. Apparently he’s a regular there.
    Always gripping stuff that keeps you wondering.

    It’s a very strange series. Really can’t engage with it, and I think I worked out what it was last night: The dialogue. It’s awful.

    Was just thinking the same thing walking home. Tiresome jargon, clunky exposition, and such obvious diversions that I’ve stopped caring. Hastings has been signposted so blatantly that it can’t possibly be him.


    I’m enjoying it for what it is.. decent telly on a Sunday night when all you want to do is sit down and relax.

    But there is 1 thing that is irritating me.. the car registration plates. They all have an i or a q in them. I understand it’s probably something to do with letting the real plod know they are prop cars or whatever but you don’t get i on registration plates in this country and Q’s are only used on kit cars or cars where there is doubt if all the parts belong to it etc.. something like that anyway.

    Anyway, it’s really annoying me. As is when they put a plate on a car but they didn’t make that particular shape etc at the time. Luther’s Volvo in the last season for example. Pretty sure they never made that shape in 1993.

    And breath!

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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