Like a Deathgrip, but without ends

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  • Like a Deathgrip, but without ends
  • submarined

    I’m a massive fan of the soft, fat Deathgrips, but I don’t like the extra width they give to the bar (I don’t want to trim my bar to my ideal width for just one grip), and more importantly, I want a grip without nay ends so I can fit my Heath Robinson bar-plug-multitool.

    Is there anything out there with the same feel that will suit?

    Ta 🙂

    I was under the impression that the ‘tight to fit’ bit at the end of the bar needs a little further encouragement to get it fully home (’bout 20mm). I don’t believe they are intended to extend the bar width.

    If you like the feel more than any other grip, can you not cut a hole in the end for your tool (so to speak).


    Don’t know what the Deathgrips feel like but I have ODI Rogues, they’re pretty big and squidgy.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    They add about 5mm each end but do need a rubber mallet to get them on all the way in my experience. Getting them off is usually a tug of war as well 🙂


    Yeah, the tightness is to lock them on as they only have 1 locking collar. I think if I lopped the end off I’d run the risk of them slipping.

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    Ooh, I was quite pleased with the extra width on my bars – not going to kill me if I don’t bang them right on is it?

    Was going to suggest the Santa Cruz grips, but they have closed ends too.


    Can I use this moment to suggest my grip of choice? The ODI longneck in non-lockon flavour?|sX3LGg1UE_dc|mcrid|67090789502|mkw||mmt||mrd|5360586559uk|mslid||&mkwid=sX3LGg1UE_dc&pcrid=67090789502&prd=5360586559uk&pgrid=17507338502&ptaid=pla-304066957368

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    Does ~5mm really matter? Surely if you don’t move the brake levers then your hands will just sit 5mm further in?

    Just bought a pair of uberbike fat grips, those things are absolutely enormous, they make ODI Rogues look skinny,  the lock on collar is the same size/smaller than the grip! It’ll be interesting to see how I get on with them as I generally have thin-ish foam grips but found the last pair quite slippery when wet (but great all summer) so fancied a change. Still have ESI’s on my other bike which are just brilliant.

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    I disliked the Deathgrips when I tried them but these are the business…

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    I’m glad it wasn’t just me! I thought they just wouldn’t go on further. Only realised when another set went on a bit easier – but that was after trimming my bar for them to be the right width!

    ODI Rogues?

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Pilgrips…..and cut the end off.

    Sam Pilgrims signature grip, available on his site.


    I’ve used Deathgrips and loved em. Mine were thin soft though, always regretted not getting thick version as I’ve got big mitts and suffer with a bit of tendonitis in my wrists. I’m now running Odi F1 vapor non lock on grips and they are awesome, so comfy, grippy in the wet, great gloved or gloveless. Similar diameter to thick Deathgrips. Open ended with plugs too, so good for yer multitool mod. Depends if you want lock ons or not? I did hear at a trade stand at Southern enduro that odi had a lock on version in the pipeline…..

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