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  • Lee Quarry or Healy Nab for an intermediate ride
  • grim168

    I’d say lee quarry as you can see more of what your getting into.


    there’s not very much at Healey Nab, it’s only a 15 minute lap (obviously sub 10 for most STW riders then cos they;re so great), it’s a great trail and worth riding if you;re in the area but not something to plan a specific trip for

    the red trail at Lee quarry is longer, there’s lots of things to play on with the various skills limnes, and there’s a link over to Cragg Quarry if you get bored.

    So, Lee quarry.

    Premier Icon crispo

    Lee quarrry +1.

    Healey nab is great to add in if youre doing a loop of Rivington, but its not that long and if youre travelling just to ride it id say better heading to Lee and Cragg.

    try crag quarry first,its more sweepy, burmy, fun and less gnarly that lee quarry

    Premier Icon lowey

    As said above, Healy Nab is great for a couple of laps when you combine it with a ride locally anyway, but its not a place you would go to just to ride there.

    Lee is a great place to work on and build up confidence. A good red loop and loads to play on the skills areas.


    Chance to go riding at either of these two while visiting family next weekend. Was going to take my fiance but I was wondering which is best as I have no experience of either (although I know the area around Healy Nab as I used to live there a while ago).

    She’s competent enough to get round Kielder Red or Glentress Red but is a little nervous after a recent crash so I’d rather not destroy her confidence completely by taking her somewhere too hard so she crashes again.

    Looking for short distance with plenty of features packed in with the chance to build up from easy to heard stuff (hence Lee Quarry).We won’t have lots of time just a few hours so features separated by miles of moorland are less appealing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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