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  • Leatt DBX 3.0 Helmet
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    Anyone run one of these? how do they shape up? My head fits like a glove into TLD/IXS trail lids, but not much else it seems.
    My Trail RS is now getting on a bit and took quite a big smack the other weekend so it’s time to replace. Leatt DBX looks decent with most of the features I want for under a ton at the moment.

    If anyone;’s got one, do you use goggles with them, and if so, which ones? My main beef with my IXS lid is that it pushes my 100%s down onto my nose, and having ridden with goggles a few times, I’m a bit of a convert.

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    Can’t offer much help but I had to return the one I ordered. The helmet is actually really comfortable but I had an issue with the straps around my ears, the part where all the straps meet below your ear has 1 fixed length strap the was in the wrong place for me. I swapped it for a POC which was better, it may not be an issue for you though, best to try. Pity because I really liked the rest of it.

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    Oh really? That seems like an odd design! Every lid I’ve ever tried has both bits adjustable – I can see what you mean from looking at photos. Cheers for the feedback!
    I’ve tried a POC one but my head was in between sizes – M was too small and L made me look like Toad from Mario Kart.

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    I have one, it is comfy for me but as mentioned the right side strap is fixed so it might be hit and miss whether it works for you.
    Not tried it with goggles.

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    I have one, replaced a warranted Smith Session.

    It sits high on the head but I don’t feel i’m exposed on the rear (using a medium), the straps could interfere with your ear lobes ( I don’t face this problem) It is on the heavier side and when i use the helmet at nights with a Diablo one feels the weight (but my night rides are short <2hrs). It breathes really well and is comfortable.

    I have not yet tried it with goggles but can do so and revert back.

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