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    You could try advertising in the Land Rover specific magazines, such as Land Rover Owner 😀


    Tbh rot box , chuck it on enay and gumtree with honest descriptions , invite viewings

    Its likely itll be bought and stripped for its engine if its far gome om the body work.


    Ebay is probably going to be your best bet, Landrover stuff sells really well on there.
    I had a ’96 Disco, the body is a rust trap (anywhere that Steel and Ally touch)
    However the 300TDi engines are pretty awesome, and highly sought after for dropping into old Defenders/90s/110s
    It should be worth a few hundred for the driveline alone.


    Yup- eBay best; D1&2s are catnip to the riggers & DPM brigade.


    That’s an easy 500 quid for the engine and transmission from any enthusiast. Try Difflock for a start plus every LR magazines ,and there at least 4, forum.
    Alloys may make a couple and decent tyres on them help. Body is weigh in value but the chassis with a V5 has value.


    I’m trying to help an elderly neighbour shift his Discovery and any advice on the best method would be greatly appreciated. He has bought his replacement one already privately. Basic details are:

    1996 LR Discovery 300 2.5 Tdi ES with 125k on the clock. Some history and he says it’s mechanically well but I have not driven it (and I’m not a mechanic!)

    Problem he says is rust in the sills behind plastic something to do with sunroof not draining, so bodywork not great (and the reason he is
    getting rid of it). I’m guessing this may affect a lot of disco’s of that age? Also something to do with A and B pillars..

    I was thinking Ebay would be the best channel to sell it and be transparent about the problems?

    I know nothing about LR’s so any comments welcome on other methods of disposal available to him!



    Thanks for all of the information everyone. I think I’ll suggest he sticks it on ebay/gumtree with a sensible reserve and honest description.


    Premier Icon welshfarmer

    Any Disco, sold via Ebay, regardless of condition, will make £600+ If it has T&T it may make nearer £1K. It is getting harder and harder to pick up cheap “scrappers” when it comes to Discos as too many people have cottoned on to the fact that you can break one for major components (axles, drivetrain, engine) for 6-700 quid all day long, and still cash in £200 on the scrap value of what remains. If someone offers you a couple of hundred to take it off your hands tell them to stuff it.

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