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  • Laminate flooring – cut a hole, need to tidy up
  • euain
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    Now I’m back from the Puffer, time to get on with less fun things. Can’t think where else to ask this.

    I have a laminate floor (engineered wood, is that the term? It’s wood rather than plastic). Due to a leak in the central heating, the plumber had to cut a hole in the floor. Hole is about 1ft square against a wall.

    Everything is back in place but there’s a line about 1mm wide (width of the saw blade) around the bit that was removed. It’s tidy but I can imagine the edges getting damaged – splinters pulled up etc.

    What would STW do? Bit of filler? Brass edging strip? Are there any standard ways to fix up this kind of thing?

    I can’t be the first person that’s had to cut a hole in my floor.

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    I’d find some wood filler of a suitable hue and use that to fill it.

    We had an oak table that split and the filler I’ve used has held up well.

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    Got any of the wood left over? Sand it down, get some sawdust and mix that with some clear resin filler, which you can push into the gap with a spatula and smooth down.

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    I’d go Wabi Sabi on it and make a feature of it. I’m busy making a cabinet with brass inlay (3.2mm and 19.5mm) and it looks absolutely beautiful. So, yeah, you get my vote for brass, with mitred corners. How you do it depends on what tools you have available to you…

    This is 5mm, but you get the point. It’ll look darker the more polished it is.

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    Get a bona. Worked for me…

    Bona Gap Master

    Choice of colours to match

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    You can get filler/repairer for laminate floors (its exactly the same stuff as they use as jointing compounds for worktops so might actually be cheaper to buty that)

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    Cheers all.. I’m lazy so I’ll try the filler route and if it starts looking tatty will look at adding some brass work.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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