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  • bonni

    I’m looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom – the spare bedroom with my turbo trainer in, that is. Bored of turbo sessions on my own, I’m contemplating putting fun back in to indoor riding by subscribing to Zwift or something similar.

    I have Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll turbo (which I like). As far as I can tell, I’ll have to buy their InRide set-up which seems Zwift compatible.

    Anybody done this? Any good?

    Also is Zwift the option to go for?

    Cheers all.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Works but it’s bluetooth smart so unless you have a Mac, you have to run the sensor through the mobile link app.

    I did have a tacx flow smart for a while but was a bit flimsy and I wasn’t too bothered about the smart control bit so I sold it and went back to my kurt kinetic.

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    You don’t need anything else to use a R&R with Zwift – it can calculate a “virtual” power output for you. Apparently the InRide is very accurate though. There’s also a bolt-on unit to convert a Kinetic trainer into a full smart trainer. It’s expensive though and when I looked into it last year had lots of bad feedback, so ended up getting a Tacx Neo instead 🙂

    Premier Icon MSP

    You just need speed and cadence sensors. The KK is one of the more reliable trainers for virtual power.


    I have those sensors. Excellent. Thanks.

    Premier Icon TexWade

    I am using on Zwift via the new Apple TV app and before that on my iphone. Connects easily and I have found it consistent – cant vouch for its accuracy though but not too fussed about that – its near enough for my purposes. The inride also gives estimated cadence. If interested mine is for sale on ebay…but its a road machine not a rock and roll.

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    Zwift. Great workouts, races, social rides, pro riders, e fondos etc etc. I’ve tried trainer road, sufferfest ap etc. All very good but Zwift has people and you even bump into mates online. Go for a spin. Other solo aps. Fine but crushingly boring. IMHO trainer road and other so called serious aps are on a hiding to nowhere.

    Premier Icon dogxcd

    How many players will Apple TV handle?
    Ie 2 turbos at same time?

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