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  • KS dropper post remote
  • mattvanders
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    So when I built up my misses bike last year on the cheap I bough a KS dropper off a mate. The standard leaver is awful with a push down leaver. I know KS does a southpaw remote up grade but I don’t like the clamping design and have seen a few reviews confirming it.

    So are there any other remotes with cable barrow situated in the remote and tension clamp on the dropper in design? Or can you convert the KS dropper to take the cable barrow and clamp the cable on to the remote?

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    I put a Chinese ztto on mine. It’s brilliant. Clamps at the lever so just cut the ball off a cable. So much better than the regular KS lever.

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    Ditto the ztto.

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    I’ve just ordered one for mine too.

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    So I ended up doing some more research and found out the specialized command post has the same set up as the KS post with cable barrow located in the remote and clamped in the post end so ordered their remote. Arrived and fitted yesterday with test ride today. She’s a lot happier with how it feels and works. The only downside that I have found was that I thought I would be clever and thought the remote could be mounted to the bars vie a sram shifter clamp. While it will and does work it’s not the correct fit so have had to order the clamp as well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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