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  • are these any good? i like the nice slim profile of it, i have a L&M hi vis 180 micro at the min, but its constantly getting caught on my reverb hose, so ends up twisting and pointing the opposite way, i like the look of the slimline knog, although unsure it will fit on my reverb due to the lights length?

    it needs to be fully waterproof/crud proof too

    is there anything else out there thats slim like that? i dont want a big bulky rear light, and it must be secure to no wobbling etc

    ps this isnt for commuting (if the reverb didnt give it away) but equally as dangerous peak district roads


    Don’t have one meself but work colleague/riding buddy does………”Blinder” is a pretty good name for it as it is VERY bright. Certainly waterproof, so, more than likely, crud proof too and not bulky at all. Dunno about fitting onto a dropper post, as his is on a road bike, but I would imagine it wouldn’t cause any issues as the light isn’t enormous.


    Yes really good, highly recommend them. I’ve covered it in crud and got it soaked, no issues. it’s really really bright. I use it for the 5 mile road section back home after coming off the hills as it gets dark in the evenings. It’s only this one or the Leyzene rear lights my LBS sells and he chooses his stock very carefully.


    Just received mine and I think it may be brighter than the sun…anyway I can barely see since I looked at it….not tested in all weather yet though

    have any of you got a dropper post? can you see if it will fit on at all please?

    sounds pretty good though!


    I’d buy TWO Cateye Rapid 1’s from Merlin at £12 each. Brigh, USB charging and small. Buy the saddle rail mount and one of the lights tucks away very inconspicuously. If you use a Fizik saddle, you can get a Rapid 3 wih Fizik mount that is even neater – but Rapid 3 is AAA not USB. The other Rapid is mounted to the seatpost.

    The reason I really rate Cateye is because their mounting system is just that, a system not a few straps. They have proper seatpost bands for all diameters.


    I’ve got one, I attach it around the stationery bit of my reverb. I have also had it round the big collar just below where the moving part extends. It has now snapped, so I would avoid putting it round that part.

    Will happily get another .

    robowns cheers how much exposed seatpost do you have? got a pic with it on at all, i would put mine on the extending bit, it would sit on the solid not moving part that goes into the frame, but i dont have loads and loads of it exposed, so thinking as its quite long it may not work?


    I’d recommend the Moon Comet. I got one for £17 from winstanley cycles. Excellent, brighter than the blinder or at least equal and cheaper!

    that moon comets quite similar to the knog, worth a look too


    Sorry no pics. That’s why I had mine on the collar, because I didn’t have much post exposed at the bottom and it was a little low. It will fit on any part, but the collar is a stretch. You would be safe having it on the extending part, until you slam your seat low.

    cheers rob

    even though you had little post exposed at the bottom, did it fit over the bottom ok? or was clearnace an issue? or was it just because it wasnt quite as visible?

    i can live with it being a little less visible as long as its sturdy and fits ok

    with you having a reverb did it stay in place too? rocky descents and the like ive read the mount is a bit flimsy


    It will fit on the post bit sound, very sturdy. Couldn’t imagine it falling off there. Clearance is fine, it was just the visibility.

    cool cheers rob – will try one out i reckon then!

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