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  • Kit

    So, a guy opened his door on me as I was passing stationary traffic. I wrecked his door, he buckled my front wheel and left brake/gear lever. He admitted his guilt in the matter, was very apologetic and a guy a few cars down gave me his number as a witness. I have a big bruise on my chest so am off to A&E to get it checked out.

    I got his name, number and vehicle registration.
    I’ve called the police (was told to get checked out then report to a station in person).
    Will get a quote for fixing bike.
    Call guy and get some cash (he said he’d be happy to pay up for repairs).

    I don’t want to take it any further (i.e. court etc, unless necessary), but anything else I should make sure I do?

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    Suggest you move fairly fast in contacting him for costs – that way it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind (especially witness) IF he decides to start wriggling (right now he’s probably thinking 25 quid’ll cover it)

    Get a bike shop to quote for full repair (ideally describing damage too, & preferably on headed paper)

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    Sounds like you’ve got it all covered. Maybe photos of your bike and the location, in case anybody changes their mind/complications arise? Have you had time to check your frame very thoroughly for cracks? Main thing is to make sure you’re OK, so get to A&E while it’s quiet in there. If it does come to lawyers later, what A&E say will matter.


    Well a trip to A&E confirmed a bit of bruising, although my neck is getting pretty stiff now. Incident is registered with the fuzz, and bike’s in to assess the damage.

    Just hope he doesn’t change his mind!


    those chris king front wheels and xtr levers and shifters you own sound expensive to repair!!!


    Get the frame and froks checked – I had a bike/car interface and both were fecked. The wheel was ok tho. And be happy you are in 1 piece.


    Glad your not too badly hurt thats the main thing 🙂

    Did you get his insurance company details? If not do so. Get your witness to write a statement now and get a copy of it.

    As an aside always ride far enough out in the road that an opened car door will not hit you. Always look into every car you pass to see if there is someone about to open a door. Basic defensive riding.

    Defo check forks and frame. I had a reasonably gently prang and the car buckled my front wheel – the guy was okay and stumped up for the rebuild.

    A while later I realised I couldn’t get the full travel on my u-turn forks anymore which must have been down to the knock.


    No insurance details from him, but I got his name, phone number and vehicle registration. Witness left a name and number. All passed on to the police who will make enquiries with the guy to back up my statement that they took from me. I think that’s enough. I suspect if the carbon forks were damaged they’d be in a million pieces right now, but the frame is perhaps a different matter. If he challenges his word to repair the bike (which at the mo is looking like only a tenner for re-truing the wheel) then there’s enough details to take further action, I believe, such as getting him charged.

    With all due respect TJ, if someone is about to open their door without checking mirrors, you’re not going to see the action of them pulling the handle and giving the door a push until its too late. Likewise if you’re not looking until you’re going past then its too late anyway. This guy was sat in a queue of traffic at a red light – no one would expect him to be getting out the car. I appreciate the advice on ‘basic defensive riding’, however I’ve been riding round Edinburgh for nearly 8 years now with very few incidents and I’ve got a good idea of how to look after myself. Thanks for the concern though!

    Kit – I did / do not mean to sound patronising.

    However I constantly look thru the rear window of any stationary car beofer I pass it to see what the driver is doing, and filtering I would not be going fast enough to cause damage if I did hit a car. I always filter at walking pace.

    Always expect the unexpected. Assume all car drivers will do the most stupid and dangerous thing possible as this one did


    [/url] They will persue the motorist for your damages and costs, like replacement bike, hire of replacement bike, damage to your clothes and helmet if you hit the floor, also the charge from the hospital as you where involved in a road traffic collision, also taxi fares and out of pocket expenses phone calls etc, was your mobile , glasses or anything else damaged they will do this for free and bill the motorists insurer.

    He could have opened the door you swerved and been hit by a bus, think of all those comuters delayed because youre dead under a bus.


    Good to here your ok Kit, when this happened to me 15 years ago, i cut my throat open and ruptured my wind pipe….not good, but i live on and learnt the hard way….had i been going downhill mind (i was going up hill at the time)there’s a good chance i would have now been dead for 15 years….


    However I constantly look thru the rear window of any stationary car beofer I pass it to see what the driver is doing, and filtering I would not be going fast enough to cause damage if I did hit a car. I always filter at walking pace.

    LOL, much as I admire your total and unrelenting commitment to task, on my rush hour city centre commutes I’m just not sure this would be totally practicable, I’m sure you’ll put me right though.

    mate of mine who used to own a bike shop always said that if you head on crash carbon forks, always get them replaced – he saw quite a few failures where forks weren’t with nasty results

    I would echo the comment about Bikeline. Theyve been good for mates of mine.
    Take pictures of all the damage to the bike and you – and play on the safe side when assessing damage. Forks and bars – I’d prob replace them both too.

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