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  • wobbliscott

    Try large Nukeproofs. Had mine for a few weeks and about 6 rides and they are comfy as you like. You forget you’ve got them on as soon as they’re on. I now just wear them for every ride rather than rides where I think I’ll need them as there are no downsides to wearing them so may as well.


    No idea about leg widths but I’m wearing troy lee kg5450 (which have semi shin protection) in xs and I have fairly muscular rugby playing legs. The xl must be mahoosive. There size guide is fairly spot on too.

    They don’t have any strapping but they don’t chaff or slip on me and are totally fit and forget. Protection isn’t necessarily the heaviest duty but I’m not exactly Gee Atherton either.

    Best advise…go and try before you buy.


    Never worn them, but as I’ll shortly be attempting some more gravity-orientated trails, I’m looking to get a pair for my oddly-shaped, stumpy legs. I only tried on the POC VPD2.0 in large and they were way too small above the knee. I suppose I have 2 main concerns…

    1. I’m worried that any knee pad will slip down due to the freakish girth of my manly thighs
    2. Are S/M/L/XL pads generally the same length, differing only in width/circumference?

    10 cm above the kneecap, my legs measure 54 cm around.
    10 cm below the kneecap, 41 cm.

    Do my ideal kneepads exist?


    Try the Race Face dig pads,i have a pair and they come up big around the thigh area,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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