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  • KMC Z 610 HX (3/32) SS chain ..alternative master links?
  • kaiser

    Looking at buying a few extra master links for my chains detailed above. The link that comes with the chain is a CL578 with 7.8mm pin length.
    I looked at the KMC chart but not sure whether these are officially one use or reusable .Anyone in the know? They’re easy to fit by hand but removal is not easy without a tool.
    Just wondered if people know of alternatives that would work that are
    1/ a bit cheaper ( they seem to cost around a fiver each + post)
    2/ a bit easier to undo without a tool ( ala SRAM powerlinks )

    Finally ..can anyone confirm whether KMC chains are fine to be split and joined the old school way without a master link ?
    Thanks in advance

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    I’ve always used 6/7/8s links which are dirt cheap and not had any problems. Technically they’re 7.1mm not 7.3, but they fit. Just use pliers to pop them open.

    Doing it the old fashioned way, I think that comes down to how the chain was made and luck. When you push the pin out, if it comes out cleanly then it’s fine, if it takes a little circular bit of swarf with it then you’re buggered. Sometimes you get thousands of miles out of a singlespeed chain which has been split several times and not a single problem. Others you get dumped miles from home.

    I think most of my links are cheap clarks ones from halfords. Amazon/ebay are full of 8 pairs for £6 sort of prices, not tried them but there’s not really much to go wrong as long as the pin doesn’t pull out of the plate.

    I usually tape a pair of links inside the brake levers on my bikes, keeps them to hand if the chain does snap.

    Premier Icon Andy R

    I’ve been using KMC Z610HX chains for years and they used to be supplied with the old style connector link – the one with the spring clip.
    These were great, because they’re easy to remove and you don’t need slack in the chain to do so, unlike the type they use now, which are the normal powerlink kind.
    You can still get the old style ones, or at least I could – I found some at my local, BMX specialising, shop. They last for ever too, I’ve never had one fail.
    Wippermann make them…..


    Found the spring clip version at SJSC for £1.99

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