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  • Kids swimming goggles, any suggestions?
  • gnusmas
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    Trying to go swimming with them all over the holidays and hoping to continue with it during the school terms at weekends. We began doing this before covid so would be nice to start it up again.

    The (relatively cheap) goggles they have arw pretty useless, especially on a 7 year old not rounded shape head. They keep slipping down and end up folding his ears in half and he’s constantly trying to correct them. Add to that they leave pretty severe marks around his eyes that look pretty sore due to them needing tightening a fair bit to stop water seeping in. I know I’ve answered my own predicament by them being relatively cheap.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for some kids goggles that work pretty flawlessly and do the job they’re intended to do? And stay up preferably?


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    We use decathlons own successfully on a 3 year old. She’s had them since she was 2.

    Can’t get her out the water …

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    +1 decathlon
    Kids have worn them from about 2 to 10

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    It’s a bit like asking what helmet works for everyone ;0)
    Mine wore Zoggs when doing lessons but are now both fans of Speedo Speedsockets for racing. Not cheap.

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    My kids have had, zoggs, Speedo, decathlon, arena. All been ok, as long as they’re not just the cheap shit ones. Just make sure they’re done up properly, they need to be fairly tight.

    They’ve had some cheap ones that we’ve bought on holidays, and they’re generally crap and come undone too easily.

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    Got zoggs currently not sure on the particular model though. Weren’t expensive. They have quite a flexible nose piece, so works with a wide Range of ages/face sizes.

    Not in use for masses of time but so far Keep the water out and no steaming up

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    We ended up going for Decathlon too but more like a mask than goggles. They don’t need to be as tight so are more comfortable and easier to get on and off.

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    We went for these. The click release is really useful and they’ve been great for both kids (4-10)

    Link to Amazon

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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