Kid aged 10, Anything better than Orbea MX

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  • Kid aged 10, Anything better than Orbea MX
  • I got a Orbea MX 27 XS 40 for my daughter last year. It is a great bike but it bugs me that it has a triple.

    I now need a bike for my 10 year old lad and whilst I want to support my LBS and am tempted to get another Orbea I would like to look at what else is around that perhaps isn’t carrying the bulk of a triple. Budget around £450. Looking at 27.5in wheel and xxs fame. Any thoughts?

    Hmm, just realised Halfords are doing 20% discount on the Voodoo Nzumbi if you take along any old wreck of a bike or scooter as trade in. Seems too good a deal to miss.


    Whatever you get make sure it has an adjustable air fork.


    Vitus Nucleus 26 Kids

    But I am biased as I know the designer (I work for WiggleCRC). This is, however, the new bike I would have bought my son 6 years ago… he ended up with a second hand XS Rockhopper upgraded with Rebas.

    Wow, that Vitus is a good looking bike.

    *edit, it is also out of stock everywhere


    Well it’s annoying that the Vitus is out of stock… I think there are supposed to be more on the way for the first half of May but I’d need check.


    I was in the same boat for my eldest last year, and again this year for my youngest.

    I went for a Voodoo Maji (WSF of the Hoodoo) for #1 (at 20% off). It was the only decent compromise with a 1x, XS frame and air forks that I could find.

    It’s hefty though.

    There’s a Diamond Back that is 1x, but is over £600 I think.

    I don’t get the economics of 1x vs triple. With no front mech to fit, less metal on the chain ring and no shifter, can a triple really be cheaper?

    Anyway, take a look at a Hoodoo / Maji. If you find a better 1x please post back as I do need something for my youngest fairly soon.

    I’ll be looking out for that Nucleus coming into stock in the meantime.


    Its a wee bit over budget but my mate got his kid a saracen Mantra. He is very happy with it and ended up getting a dropper post as well, kid is flying now.

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    that Vitus does look nice…thanks for pointing it out, the lad is needing a new bike (he’s on a hot rock 20″)… will keep an eye on the stock.

    I got the Voodoo. Traded in an old wreck of a kids bike donated by a friend so picked up the voodoo for £320. Cracking bike for the money, I don’t think anything comes close in terms of value

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