Just ordered a reverb, now i feel sick

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  • Just ordered a reverb, now i feel sick
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    bedmaker – Member

    £220 on a seatpost? I’d rather learn to ride properly with an ordinary one

    Don’t worry, you really, really don’t need one anyway going by that video you posted.


    sadly some of us don’t live at altitude in the real Alps and mountains as you lot seem to do to need such a device, lucky you!

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    Even on flattish rides now it’s still up and down all the time.

    A common theme here is ‘I thought it was hideously expensive but bought it and immediately realised it was worth every penny’.
    That is certainly my experience. My favourite thing since tubeless tyres.

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    So you should having spent £220 on a seat post.

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    i’d consider it as important to riding as rear suspension and normally most FS frames are about £500 – £1000 more than the hard tail equivalent – so that’s just the same as spending £500 on a £350 rear shock

    I certainly thought I could go from FS to 29er HT + Reverb

    I used a Giant Contact Switch briefly (until it seized). On longer downhills it just stayed down, and then up for the climbs – not much advantage over a QR clamp. It comes into its own on undulating trails.


    Spot on stufield, Id rather have a HT with a reverb, over a full susser any day. Just so happens im lucky to have one of each with a reverb anyway 🙂

    But give me just one bike, either a full suss with standard seat post or HT with reverb, it would be the HT everytime.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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