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  • Joystick on bars and helmet?
  • Anyone using this combo?
    Hugely impressed by the mk11 I recently got when it’s on the lid. Thinking about another exposure unit for the bars to replace an underpowered Lezyne.
    Mainly for commuting and Occasional night riding off road although nothing mega. Would a mk12 do for that purpose? It would save me £150 over the toro. Plus they wouldn’t drown each other out.

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    I do. It’s just about bright enough.
    I have a big mental self contained light which blows the joystick away but bounces about a bit on fast downhills.
    Also have a magic shine 872 which is the same brightness as a joystick so theres no point using that.


    I use a mk10 and mk11 in this arrangement. I prefer two lights to one powerful one. I use them both in 3hr run time mode for off road.


    Similar – I use a Joystick up top and an Axis on the bars. Not much between them and plenty enough light on sub 2-hr rides.


    Mainly for commuting

    Do you commute off road, if not then a joystick on the bars will be enough although I have one on my helmet as an emergency light and for repairs

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    I’ve got a Mk10 which I use on the bars and the helmet. Not quite enough to let go of the brakes on a steep descent, but plenty for pootling/ off road commuting. I’ve got a dedicated bar light as well, 2,000W Lumenator for mountain biking. Occasionally I’ve gone out for a night/evening ride with the joystick on the bars as the only light and moved it to the helmet for the descents.

    The Mk11 joystick is noticeably spottier than the Mk10 and I don’t think it makes as good a bar light as a result.

    thanks to all for the replies
    half the commuting is off road.
    i think 2 joysticks should be enough for me even mincing down the descents on proper night rides.

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    just checked after you said mk12. I’ve got a mk12, that’s the spotty one, other is 10 or possibly 11.

    Might be best having the 12 on the lid and the older one on the bars.

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    If you’re commuting, seriously consider the Sirius instead of a Joystick. The beam pattern is far more useful for a road-friendly bar light.

    Assuming off-road / MTB bar lights, I’m happy with a Mk5 MaxxD (1600Lm) paired with a Mk8 Joystick on top, that’s quite enough light and burn time for me although ultimate power lights have moved on a long way the last couple of years so 1600Lm isn’t quite so ‘OMG! SO BRIGHT!’ anymore.

    It’s a very divisive subject whether you should have a brighter light on the bars or your helmet, or indeed if both should be equal. I’d advise personal experimentation on this once you have the lights, as your preferences may well differ from the person telling you what works for them. It’s also worth considering if you often nightride in a group or usually solo. If in a group and your companions’ lights are significantly different in output to yours, you are either going to have a bad time never seeing what you wanted to see or you’ll do the same to them…

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