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  • I have no idea if it would work, but a small tube of polystyrene cement from Hobbycraft or your local model shop would only cost a couple of quid and if it didn’t work, well, no problem, it’s only a couple of quid.

    Or maybe some cyanoacrylate (superglue) ?

    What is technoplastic? For ABS to ABS you want ABS cement.


    Have just come across ” plastex” don’t know if it will work for your materials but am pretty impressed with it myself. Can be bought on your favourite auction site 🙂

    depends what your doing to it methacrylates?


    you can weld pretty much any plastic and abs is well suited to welding, it’s expensive kit so unless you are serious then glue it, if you use a polyofin primer then superglue can work. you can get proper plastic adhesives but they can be expensive, I generally weld as I reckon it’s more robust than glue but it depends on the type of joint you are doing as well. what’s the application?

    What is technoplastic?

    My bad. Should have typed tecnopolymer. Tired!

    A quick hit from Google:

    With increasing temperature and once the softening point is exceeded, this group of technopolymer melts, can be heat distorted and solidifies again after cooling. This process can be repeated any number of times. Unlike Duroplast, there is no chemical reaction during processing.
    Technopolymer materials can be subdivided into amorphous and partially crystalline plastics. The disordered structure of amorphous materials allows the production of transparent components by injection molding right through to crystal-clear parts. Partially crystalline thermoplastics have a structure resulting in enhanced mechanical properties and temperatures of use.
    The wide variety of different technopolymers and the options of modifications allow the production of “tailor-made” construction tools with respect to mechanical properties, chemical resistance, temperature resistance and different colors.

    Anyone got any experience or advice? I’ve got a piece of tecnoplastic to join to a piece of ABS.

    What are my options? Is plastic welding out because of the types of plastic? Is simple bonding a better option? If so any adhesive recommendations?

    I have some small pieces to practice or experiment on if needs be.

    Application is to join this ABS spring clip to this tecnopolymer Zefal mudguard. Combining the two to allow the mudguard to be clipped to the brake bridge.

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    I doubt glue would work well in that application with the vibration and shear forces. Put a bolt through it?

    This guide might help if you really want to glue it:

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    Cable tie is normally the answer where glue can’t work and a hammer is a little ott…

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