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  • trailmonkey

    but I can’t listen to the bloke. The most grating voice on the planet – scouse with a mouthful of gravel. *shudders*

    fair play though, monster effort, huge amount of money raised.


    I couldn’t give two s**ts about his ‘motives’ for doing it.

    He did it.

    He raised £1.6 million (at the time he finished, so undoubtebdly more now) by doing it, which is going to support people living in horrific conditions.

    Well done John Bishop.


    Watched it last night, I thought what he did was amazing. Just a few months training, and those runs at the end were killing him, you could see it in his face!!

    A mate who’s doing the sport relief mile thing at the weekend (and she has a diet that consists of KFC and not much else) is whinging like hell cause she has to train to do 3 miles…

    I’m not sure thats strictly the truth – I donated last night but not because it was John Bishop.
    I would’ve donated regardless of the participant as the challenge was so immense.

    No you wouldn’t have, you’d not have know that Mr ‘not John Bishop’ was doing it, he’d just be some other bloke doing a LEJOG or a london to parris Bike ride (have you spnsored every LEJOG and L2P effort?).

    Not criticising, but you did sponsor him because he was a celebrity rather than some anonymous bloke having a wipround in a pub you’ve never been to.

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    he did it because he knew that his profile as a celeb, comedian, whatever, would guarantee a much higher rate of donations than yer average bloke who would only be able to raise cash from his friends and family.

    I reckon he’s a bloody hero.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    I donated last night but not because it was John Bishop

    I’m sure if it was Joe bloggs you would have donated but if it wasn’t john bishop or some other celeb it wouldn’t have been on tv so chances are you and many other willing donaters wouldn’t have heard about it.
    Whether that is down to celeb obsessed society not being interested or our celeb obsessed media picking and choosing what they show I don’t know.

    You occasionally hear about “nobodies” (thankyou tinas) mr “not john bishop” doing some impressive stuff for charity but it’ll only be local news and even then chances are it’ll be sandwiched between the sport and the weather.

    Again I’m not taking anything away from Bishop and his achievements, impressive stuff.

    Premier Icon stever

    I can only assume there’s a lot of anonymous cheques for £1.6M being written right now, that sit better with people’s consciences.

    Nice one John. Bloody brilliant.


    Still an unfunny bloke (saw him live – 2 hrs I won’t get back)

    Love it. Interestingly I find Izzard very funny, have also seen him live and STILL it’s 2 hours I won’t get back. Because I haven’t invented time travel, you see.
    ridiculous thing to say.

    I reckon he’s a bloody hero.
    certainly more deserving of that tag than footballers, squaddies etc.


    I think it’s a good show on his part… Shame it won’t make him funny.


    Raising money for charities that will make a difference to a lot of people and their lives…..enough said!


    Good effort, and I like his comedy stuff too- result!
    I’m with Zaskar and others: maybe he’s done it out of the goodness of his heart, maybe he’s done it to raise his profile (which was pretty high anyway I thought?), maybe it’s somewhere between those two, or whatever- he’s done it, made an excellent fist of it, and raised a boatload of money.


    I’m new to these forums and frankly I’m in shock! Having watched the documentary last night and seen the footage where he witnessed a mother lose their baby to a cureable disease and talked in tears about the noise she made as they took her child away, Shame on all of you who posted destpicable hateful comments…You’re a disgrace, have a word with yourself…John Bishop ‘You’re a giant amongst men’…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    sharkbait – Member

    Seems. Strange then that he fell off the bike at traffic lights when he didn’t unclip

    I’ve been riding 20 years, and it would not shock me if I did this tomorrow :mrgreen:

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Shame on all of you who posted destpicable hateful comments…

    Spot on.

    Not criticising, but you did sponsor him because he was a celebrity rather than some anonymous bloke having a wipround in a pub you’ve never been to.

    No you’re wrong and I think maybe you mis-understood my original post. I sponsored him because I was impressed with the incredible effort he went to. End of.

    I KNEW about him doing it because he is a celeb and hence easier to get him in front of people like me, but if there had been a documentary about Joe Bloggs doing the same challenge I’d have donated just the same. Do you see? If you show me incredible effort, I’ll support it. If you show me a celeb doing some mindless abseil or sky dive I’m highly unlikely to support it regardless of the fact they’re famous.

    Likewise the donation I made recently to a fella running 31 marathons in one year. Not a celeb.


    Watching it right now. I’m no fan of the guy but my God I admire him. What have all you haters done for any bugger else? Not a fraction of what he has.


    I used to do sport at a fairly high level and as such know a lot of people at that level and better. I reckon very few of them would have done what JB did without some suffering and as such I think he really made a fantastic effort. Well worth a donation IMO.

    Premier Icon LimboJimbo

    I for one, consider myself massively fortunate that by pure accident of birth, I live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world so that when my baby son needed life saving help, he got it immediately and is still with us. I was very moved by John Bishop’s report from that African hospital and cannot believe that what he witnessed was a far greater motivation than raising his professional profile.

    Fair play to the guy, there are are plenty more who have not used their public profile the help others.


    Shame on all of you who posted destpicable hateful comments…

    Spot on.


    Premier Icon rickmeister

    +1 Nickbc….

    I admire these celebs that do stuff like JB, Eddie and David Walliams… even the walk up Killimanjaro… even Moyles…. they’re putting themselves through it to raise cash….

    And I would admire the celebs that are on, telling a story by the side of that dump where the kids are working to say something like

    “and if your sitting there thinking, did I put my hand in my pocket… damn right I did”.

    I know most probably support a charity but why not lead Sport Relief by example.. ?

    Lenny Henry last year in Comic Relief did this to get a family out of a grim home situation, it broke him to the point he got his credit card out. Respect, mouth, money etc etc.


    Congrats to John it is an amazing feat.
    But I think the pang of resentment felt by some people (myself included) is that you have to be a celebrity in the first place to do these things. In past years Joe Bloggs could do something similar and get publicity for whatever the cause is, which in turn gives funding. Now media companies just turn round and say ‘great idea lets get Fearne Cotton to do it…’which creates a situation where its about a ‘worthy celeb’ not about a worthy person.

    What he did was amazing but it was seeing his film in the children’s hospital that made me donate – and I never normally donate to these charityathons.


    Regardless of what you think about the celebs raising money it’s a damn sight more admirable than the miserly £250k that the Premier League donated, I mean FFS how much many of the players earn that every week.

    The amount they gave shouldn’t come into it. How many people and organisations have given nothing?


    He raised £3.4 million.
    Thats amazing, and what he did is amazing too


    Amount of money he raised is super impressive and all for a good cause, but I get the resentment over some of these challenges, I would love to have the opportunity some of these guys have. It’s just jealousy


    Like him or not the guy suffered big time in doing the challenge and that to me shows the guy has balls bigger than most on here. I bet many of the critics above couldn’t do what he did ie raise over £3m and get from Paris to London.

    Don’t people just FF through al the bits where its all very sad and some child dies etc?

    Funky – I don’t think any of us could raise £3m but the more important thing – how many of us could do what he did physically and mentally.


    Good luck to him and the charity. That said, he did the bike ride incredibly slowly for someone who is used to riding a bike, bit quicker and he’d have got a decent kip before the row.

    I’m impressed with anyone who can spend a lot time in a boat with Devina without tipping her over the side.

    He really needs to do something about his accent though. I don’t think I’ve ever met a scouser who talks like that.


    That said, he did the bike ride incredibly slowly for someone who is used to riding a bike, bit quicker

    That was the bit that puzzled me, the documentary didn’t seem to offer any explanation of what happened.

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