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  • Amos

    Am pretty keen on relocating to Edinburgh, well strongly considering it! How ever as I currently work in F1 the job oppotunities in that area in Scotland are somewhat limted (non-exsistent in fact) So feel it would be great to realise a life long dream and work within mountain biking. To be specific something related to the 7 stanes project or similar. Any body know of any good resources for looking for jobs on the borders other than of course the FC website, local knowledge would be greatfully received!



    You and half the mountain biking population.

    Edinburgh isn’t really a good place to live if you want to work with the 7 Stanes.

    Very few jobs at poor rates of pay I would have thought.


    Glorified Grease Monkey for a bit longer by the sounds of things!!!

    Plenty work in Edinburgh in service industries.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Best of luck with the job search Amos. Think it will be tough to get a specific MTB-related job with the seven stanes – best way of working within mountain biking is probably just to get something going yourself.

    I live in Edinburgh, so it’s actually harder for me to say what opportunities there are around the scene here. I drive to Glentress, ride, and go home – don’t really experience stuff like rentals / bike shops / B and B / eating and drinking etc, all the stuff I would do if I was going on a riding weekend further afield. The best bet would be to move to Edinburgh with a regular job lined up, go riding for 6 months every spare minute of the day, and see if there’s any angles to get involved in MTBing.

    One thing to bear in mind is that the 7 stanes doesn’t appear to be some sort of massive, constantly evolving project with a significant workforce. I don’t know anything about how the 7stanes are managed, but just from riding the trails it seems that places like the Tweed valley have the resources / aspirations to be MTB centres / parks with ideas for development. Other centres seem less resourced, more like ‘we’ve built it, and we’ll drag off the occasional fallen tree, but that’s pretty much it.’ Happy to be corrected if that is not the case, just my impression from riding places like Mabie.


    The FCS were recently advertising for a warden at Ae Forest. By recently, I mean in the last few months. The FCS job page is here.

    As has been said above, Edinburgh isn’t exactly best placed for the 7 Stanes.


    I also think you might be mistaken about this, most people in trail building are volunteers or drive diggers for the paid contractors. For example, Clixbys who built at Dalby, Whinlatter and many other sites, the only person making any decent money will be the owner Hugh Clixby, the rest are driving diggers and earning appropriate wages. Even the trail designers, ex-pros or FC staff, will not be paid much for their particular bit.

    The “or similar” bit of your post might have some possibilities tho,,, i.e. related to, or “off the back of” the 7 stanes, in local tourism type stuff, good luck.

    Premier Icon Trekster

    druid..that post has been filled

    Amos..why Edin? If you want to “work in 7Stanes” you are miles away and it will be expensive to live. Maybe more “opertunities” and better night life but I would think not ideal when it come to living/travel costs.

    As has been hinted at all work is done mainly by “preferred” contractors on Stanes sites. Opperatives are paid min wage!!!!

    Try contacting Tally on of ufliftscotland..he is a D&G “prefered contarctor and may have some work coming up in Mabie. BUT travelling from Edin will be prohibitive!!!!

    You could contact the D&G FC management direct at Ae.Or Andy Hopkin(off sick atm)via FC e-mail addy, or Moffat Rd, Dumfries office.

    Take it you enjoy working outdoors in this weather and can cope with midges and adders in sumer months???

    Gary_Lager..agree….most of the current spending is on “cosolidating” waht they have got and syphoning money left right & centre to build the GT log cabin

    Also try for work, contact Rob asap, hes off to Spain for a fortnight or so guiding.

    Amos Boss

    Hi Matt,

    Sounds exiting, let me know when you have more projects of this kind!!


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