I've ruined my bike!

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  • I've ruined my bike!
  • pingu66

    I have just bought some 700c tyres for my 29er as I am doing the TPT and wanted a really good fast tyre as I believe much of it is paved.

    Bought some Halo Twin Rails and now my bike looks pathetic.

    Only need them for a few weeks to train on and do the ride then put the originals back on but right now it looks pretty sad neither an MTB or a CX.

    Worse still I will probaly look gay on it. I just hope I dont see anyone I know, might have to train after dark.


    Least it probably doesn’t look as bad as this.


    Or this

    DA TT rings, ridiculous saddle, massive pie plate, flat pedals, stupid bars and stem, the list goes on.

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    😯 @ the Cervelo!



    Umm its worse trust me, Spesh Epic with CX tyres, looks really bad. I will not take a picture but my excuse is I have done it for a specific purpose.

    Nearly brought me to tears.

    Better be worth it and get my average mph up! Doing the whole stint in 2 days so didn’t want to be hanging about.

    Unless you are having sex with someone of the same gender while riding, I think gay is the wrong word to describe your ‘look’.

    I hope you got a green front and pink rear tyre for maximum “look what I did!!” effect.

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    Well, at least you didn’t cut the steerer down just because some idiot on the internet told you too………. 😉

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