its raining outside, and you want to ride…what do YOU wear??

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  • its raining outside, and you want to ride…what do YOU wear??
  • odannyboy

    and ps.. first person to post the borat mankini pic is a dweeb…

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    Like most things bike related, it depends…

    How much do you want to spend? What's the priority? warmth? keeping dry? (a false hope IMO) breathable materials?

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    Seeing as you asked what I wear, I make a judgement largely on temperature. I tend to stick to the road if it's raining, although all that changes on the MTB is that I put on some overshorts if it's muddy.

    If it's >23ish degrees I'll just go shorts/short sleeves and get wet.

    >18ish degrees I'll wear shorts, short sleeve jersey with arm warmers, and a gilet

    >13ish degree 3/4 lengths or shorts/leg warmers

    <10 degrees, Alp X waterproof.

    Don't wear gloves unless it's cold, they feel horrible when they're wet. Don't wear a waterproof unless it's cold/I'm commuting as you sweat so much more.


    Lycra in this weather – anything more and you get soaked with sweat anyway.


    well its a sweat based question i suppose.i want to be dry as poss, from sweat and rain.i dont mind a bit of rain.recently its been nice but in a few months being wet in summer clothes will be cold.frien has a thin waterproof gilet and thought that was a good idea.heat and sweat can get out the arm holes and keeps your torso dryish.
    lots of people talk about waterproof shorts (baggies) are these good?
    also if your wearing bib tights later in the year, say november do you notice much temperature change when they are wet as the are quite thin?

    shorts and jersy, right untill it gets down to about 5deg, then ronhills under the shorts.

    Bought a RF atlas jacket, but even that resutls in a boil in the bag experience . It is very warm though.

    It depends whether I'm going to be out in it for 1 hour or 10 hours. It depends on how warm or cold the days is and what kind of riding I'm doing. Often MTB is so high intensity you boil in a hardshell. As an all weater all year commuter my wet weather wardrobe is pretty extensive:

    Gill eVent cycling cut 'traditonal' hardshell – totally waterproof, but even though its fancy eVent, it still gets pretty hot and wet inside if you're going hard. It also feels horrible to wear, so I hardly ever wear it, unless I'm out in the cold at low intentsity in stairrod rain all day.

    Various softshells – these I find much more versatile. Not completely waterproof but they'll shrug off decent showers and remain warm when wet. The do feel brilliant to wear and are much much much more breathable then the hardshell. I have a bright orange howies cross that I commute and winter train in, it gets worn pretty much every spring, autumn and winter day. Microfleece lined so too warm to wear in summer downpours. Happy to wear it for 30 mins to all day. I have a grey arcteryx with a very very thin quatered microfleece lined, which is a bit cold to stand a round in, but much less hot to wear, it gets used for MTB when the weather is changible. It'll take a biblical downpour to make we use the hardshell over this.

    Montaine Superfly: Basically an emergancy windshell that'll shrug the worst off if I get caught out. Packs down to the size of an eating apple so very easy to take with your anywhere.

    Water resistant cannondale roubaix biblongs. A complete PITA to get into and hardly very comfy on the bike either. Only worn if going out on the road in stairrod rain all day.

    Cheap plastic walking trousers cut off at knee. Good for MTB in the wet, stops you sluicing your buttcrack with gritty water all day. You slide around a bit on your saddle but its worth it.

    Winter boots – best invention ever.

    Merino socks – wet, yet warm.

    Windstopper gloves – waterproof gloves are awful to wear, so I tend to allow my hands to get wet, but windstopper keeps them warm enough.

    Insulated waterproof gloves. A complete PITA and like trying to operate a nuclear reactor control desk in oven gloves, but essential if its sub zero and very wet.

    Silk glove liners. Give you a few extra degrees warmth in nasty weather if wearing std gloves becuase control is paramount.

    Its pretty much impossible to stay dry on the bike, so I tend to wear whatever will shrug the worst off and keep me warm to the end of the ride.


    For mtbing I wear pretty much same all year, but just put on my specialized winter jacket when it gets cold cold. If its snowing or likewise, I may put leg warmers on for first 30 minutes of ride.

    Otherwise its just baggy shorts and a short sleeved base layer, then a thin long sleeve or short sleeve top depending on how windy it is.

    Heres the one.

    Its so warm. And fairly water resistant. Only £80ish I think as well.

    also if your wearing bib tights later in the year, say november do you notice much temperature change when they are wet as the are quite thin?

    Roubaix (brushed fleece lined) tights are great, I practically live in mine, only swapping them for proper lycra shorts or baggies when it gets too warm. I don't tend to notice too much when my legs get cold and wet though. Its colder whewn they're soaked, but warm enough if you know what I mean.

    I have some softshelly cannondale biblongs, but the material is so unstretchy and badly fitted I hardly every wear them, they feel awful on the bike becuase they are much less flexible and leg hugging compared to the roubaix 3/4ers and longs I have. They're particularly bad at the ankle end so I may end up chopping them off below the knee.

    i don't really feel the cold so i wear pretty much the same (or a combination thereof) all year

    wet and warm – short sleeve jersey, goretex, baggies with liner

    wet and cold – long or short sleeve base layer, short sleeve jersey, goretex, lycra bib longs with baggies

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    I'll get my coat

    Sorry. And for this comment I shall get my coat


    and yes its obviously clothes, but what.i dont really have any wet weather gear and want to invest in some so whats good to own? at the mo its ok with a little drizzle cos its still warm but soon….

    Suprisingly enough I go against perceived wisdom on this 🙂

    If its tipping it down and I will be out for hours full waterproof suit – non breathable so it is actually waterproof. Leave the neck and cuffs loose and I get enough air thru to prevent the worst of the boil in a bag effect so long as I have one less layer on underneath. Recently I got caught in serious rain for a couple of hours without waterproof trousers – a long descent I got cold and as a result on the next climb I got really sore legs from the cold muscles tearing. Even if its 15c wet and windy = cold

    However this full waterproof suit stuff is only if I am going to be riding for hours in the rain.

    Lighter rain – just the waterproof jacket or even the showerproof softshell I have – that takes an hour of heavy rain to soak thru and is very breathable

    Less than an hour – just a shower? MTFU


    Shorts and Tshirt. If its really chilly/windy then add a biking semi-waterproof jacket to keep the wind off.


    I paint myself, it fools no one.


    Recently I've been wearing 3/4 bib tights with 3/4 Altura waterproof shorts over the top. On the top I've just worn a Paramo Velez Adventure smock. This is WARM but I soon cool down after a climb and I find the jacket acts a lot like a buffalo smock over the bib tights. I'm going to try the lighter Fuera windproof smock soon to cool down a touch on the climbs.

    I'm riding mid wales remote and wet mostly.

    stilltortoise 😀 i think we'll all need to wear clobber like that,the way this weather is!!!

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