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  • Islabike freehub removal
  • Premier Icon tommyo
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    I’m trying to refurb an islabike beinn 20l – quite an old one, at least 4-5yrs old.

    The original freehub has a lot of play. I’m trying to remove it, cassette is off, axle out, but the 12mm allen bolt holding the freehub to the hub body is stuck.

    Does anyone know for definite it is is a left or right hand thread before I strip the allen bolt?

    Any tips to get more purchase if required? I have a breaker bar and an old seat post, but as the wheel is only 20 inch the rim limits my leverage on the wheel.

    Islabike have been emailed but obviously not going to get a response before Monday and I’d like to have it stripped off by then.


    Premier Icon dovebiker
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    Most freehubs are RH thread – expect it’s a generic Formula hub – ideally big Allen key in bench vice and turn the wheel

    Premier Icon tomcrow99
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    I remember doing the same a few years ago. Did exactly as dovebiker suggests. Allan key in bench vice then turn the wheel. It probably required the most physical effort I’ve ever had to put into fixing anything on a bike. Ever. I geniuinely thought I was either going to rip the workbench off the wall or the wheel was going to collapse!!

    Premier Icon tommyo
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    Thanks for the tips, it worked a treat when I got the breaker bar fixed in the vice and turned the wheel. Right hand thread too.

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    Ah man having the same issue today but no vice or bench to help… Putting so much force in can hear the spokes flexing!!! just doesn’t feel right… is it a standard free hub once out?

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