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  • Is there only me not on Facebook?
  • mefster

    Facebook has never really appealed to me. I’m in touch with all the people I want to be in touch with, and I’m guessing that if I’ve lost touch with anyone it’s likely for a reason. I’m quite happy with my current group of friends! I also want to every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing what I’m up to. Hence, I’ve not signed up to facebook.

    Apart from Mrs M and another friend, everyone else I know is on facebook, and seem to spend a huge amount of time updating their pages with trivia. Each to there own I suppose. I’d rather waste hours on STW!

    Anyone else not on facebook for similar reasons or are we really the last bastion?

    Premier Icon bruneep

    face what?

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    No your not alone. We are not on it either. Did log on and have an account for about a while but just did not ‘get it ‘so I deleted my profile.


    a mate of mine calls it ‘Faceblank’. I think that just about sums it up, really…


    I’m not on anything like Facebook
    I also don’t own a mobile phone as I can’t see any real benefit


    Facebook – nope.


    I’m not on facebook and I’ve never been on a computer either. Wouldn’t know where to start.

    Premier Icon househusband

    I was, for a while, on Facebook. Then realised that it was yet another form of communication that I didn’t need, so emailed them and got them to delete my account and all information contained within.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Tried it and found it just a bit inane. Didn’t like the privacy implications either.


    Like the rest of you, I am not on facebook. Its not fair on the world to let them them see what I look like!!!!


    Not for me (couldn’t be bothered with it) although the kids use it all the time.


    I use an abacus if I have to but that’s my limit.


    Facebook is for people who have no life. Why else create a profile, post about what you are doing, put pictures up etc. Oh, hold on a minute, a bit like a mountain bike forum 😉

    No, not on face book either, was for a bit but got bored very quickly. The other half loves it though (sigh).

    Premier Icon EdwardH

    Not on facebook, my wife is and from what i have seen it appears to be filled with inane drivel.

    Hmmm sounds a bit like here now I come to think about it. Maybe its time to join in.


    I don’t use it a lot, but it’s good to be able to get in touch with people.
    An old friend of mine died last week, I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t have been on Facebook.


    the thing I like about facebook is;

    that all the cocks who blub about it are on here disappearing up each others hoops instead of spamming facebook with lycra and SS’r bollox

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    FaceBook is fine so long as you realise its limitations.

    1. Restrict who can see info
    2. There is some info that cannot be restricted, therefore
    on FaceBook don’t say or display anything you wouldn’t say or display in public.

    You don’t have to be “friends” with every **** out there. You don’t have to post every 10 minutes.

    It is really useful if you have a group activity.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Not for me either.
    I know people who spend hours on it.
    Some how peeps I’d sort of only met for a short time were saying I was up as their friend, eh!

    Anyway I’m not too good when it comes to computers, so it’s just another thing to confuse me. Real life is preferable.


    nope, we’re not on there either…….


    I am. I actually quite like it, organising events is one of the best things about it. Good times.


    nor me! facebook, yahoo answers and bebo do my t*ts in!

    i got one of them ‘so and so invites you to join’ from a friend so dutifuly signed up, but even after a few visits really could’nt see the point in it at all.

    out of curiosity; what is the point of facebook, what is it for and what does it do?

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Not me, I’ve never seen the appeal in it.


    Nope not on it or any other thing like it.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I’m “on” facebook
    Only 1 friend – my mate who got me to join so I could see his photos etc (& I joined the stw and trailaddiction groups I think)
    I’ve a made up bithdate & harldy anything else on there – except that I met my mate while working at mme jo’s tassle bar which either he put on somehow, or it’s facebook’s default setting


    Facebook has its moments and is great for me while I am away from the UK.

    I find if used in moderation it’s fantastic.

    And yeah, there are certain creative uses of the “groups” that are excellent.

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