Is there an inexpensive ,highly breathable, showerproof jacket that packs down

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  • Is there an inexpensive ,highly breathable, showerproof jacket that packs down
  • MrSalmon

    releases the heat and sweat but keeps you fairly dry

    Mutually exclusive really, depends which way you want to compromise. FWIW I tend to keep a small proper waterproof in my pack for when it's REALLY raining, and a windproof/showerproof (Endura Rebound) the rest of the time. IMO anything that's properly waterproof will be too hot to wear by default.


    I'm planning on getting a Montane Featherlite Smock – really light and packs to a really small size. Also checked on the Velocity DT and H20 jacket but they both seemed heavier and less breathable as they are more waterproof.

    I suspect it would only really work in a shower but to be honest that's fine.

    Haglofs make a similar smock too which might be worth a look

    I've got the PaceVent jacket, came out well in the ST mag review last year, and I've been really pleased with it. Fit comes up slightly snug but then there's less to flap around when riding.

    Premier Icon clareymorris

    Wasn't it Keith Bontrager who coined the phrase "cheap strong light, pick any two"?
    I think it is like that with most bike kit…….cheap, breathable, waterproof – pick any two!!!!

    Montane pertex top . Bufalo windtop . Pertex is waterloving so rain drops break soak and evaporate before you get wet underneith. Sweat soaks in and evaporates quickly too. In steady rain it overloadsand you get damp though the hotter to get the better it works as you body heat drives the evaporation


    I use one of these all year round as my outer layer:–31013

    Breathable, light, packs small enough for my camelback, and showerproof. In persistant, heavy rain you will eventually get soaked through though.

    I can't really justify spending too much on a waterproof, as I tend to damage them quite quickly!


    looks good that, is it bramble proof?


    Your askin for the earth OP.

    Just buy a new British Army goretex/DPM jacket. Tough as old boots, waterproof etc and you can pack it down (but maybe not down to the size of a man's scrotum sadly!


    skipped the text, but I love my montane featherlight velo longtime*.

    Try for sizing tho, they come up big. E.g. I've a medium which fits perfectly (with a close fit, great over base layer + riding top max). And I'm 6'4", this is the only medium anything I own.

    *edit based on above post. And it packs to the size of a man's scrotum. 😉 Handy, as you can stuff it into a jersey pocket.


    The Endura is as bramble proof as any other MTB jerseys etc. hing i've had. Got a rip in the sleeve where I came off, but that's not the jackets fault.


    …real small!
    seems hard to find something that releases the heat and sweat but keeps you fairly dry when the heavens open. Any recommendations??


    ive got some endura thing that has removable sleeves (one piece) I wear it as a gillet and put the sleeves back on if it rains. I never overheat in it and it's 100% waterproof

    Thing is it doesn't matter if you tear pertex because it is not a water proof. Just roughly sew up the tears and it's fine.

    b r

    I've a Montane pertex too, cracking piece of kit.

    Altura Pocket Rocket, packs really small & sems quite robust for a lightweight jacket.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I'd say pertex for cheap and showerproof as well.

    The Montane Featherlite tops are made from something a bit flimsier I think. Possibly condom material actually. They soak to the skin in no time anyway.


    Altura Crosslite – I have had one for 2 n a bit years now and i love it, can even wear it off the bike.

    I paid £56.


    Personally I'm not keen on the Montane Featherlite smock for cycling.
    Not the best fit and feels like wearing a bin liner.
    Rolls up VERY small though.

    They do a cycling specific model called the Velo but I haven't tried that.


    I presume you want something like the Assos Breaker Jacket but 1/3 of the price…?

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