Is my romantic idea of a shorter travel FS 29er realistic? Fuel EX 29

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  • Is my romantic idea of a shorter travel FS 29er realistic? Fuel EX 29
  • Premier Icon Kryton57

    The new salsa horsethief fits your requirements.

    And mine.


    I have a Trek Superfly 100 Pro 29er (2012) model and it does exactly what you describe.
    Also have a Solaris and aTansition Bandit 29er and they are very different rides.
    The Bandit is much more “playful” so to speak but can still cover decent distance but if I was doing a mainly xc route I’d choose the Trek

    Premier Icon vondally

    some ideas here

    ideas for low and slack

    personally got a Rocky Mountain Element with 120 front and 95mm rear and it is wonderful, ridden 103 miles of the Fred Whitton on it, down local trail centre (Gisburn) and N Yorks Dales and Lakes

    Very steady and confidence inspiring but really fast down

    far more capable than me……………


    Been scratching my head over what to do about the efficient mile munching bike.

    Got a xc 29er HT at the mo, it’s ok, definitely feel held back by it in terms of being silly. I’ve also a bum knee that soon gets to beat up in anything rough.

    Demoed a more fun looking tougher 650b hardtail yday, felt a little let down by how inefficient it was and how not fun it was, just a lump that didn’t do much really. Was hoping for efficiency and playfulness, didn’t feel like the answer.

    Got me thinking what i don’t like about the 29er, i think it’s capability, so add in some rear suspension and some slacker angles, 29er efficiency with some added gun power.

    Something like a fuel ex 29 still going to be mega efficient whilst still being somewhat capable?


    Yup, if it’s anything like as good as an Anthem 29’er I’ll be ace at everything.


    Also have an Element and can’t praise it enough. Also have a 26 Mondraker Foxy and it never gets ridden. Feels like far more travel than the 120 / 95.

    Cube Stereo 29er at 120mm or AMS if you prefer 100mm.
    I have a Stereo and absolutely love it, does everything really well.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Had a go on the element and with different tyres it would be great, I could put it out of it’s comfort but that was by riding it like a 140/160mm 26″ AM bike.

    Tallboy gets a great write up too, the missus loves hers.

    On your OP don’t dismiss (or include) bikes just because of wheels size it’s only one factor/component.

    Premier Icon richellicott

    I’ve got a Giant Anthem X 29er and love it. Mainly ride around Llandegla and surrounding area. Very confident bike, also just rode it 200 miles on The Crossing and it never felt out of its depth.

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