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  • Is it possible to edit a Strava route?
  • bartimaeus

    You can edit the GPX file to remove the wandering data points – I have some software that came with my GPS (@Trip) which shows the log alongside a map with the track on it so I just remove the datapoints recorded while I am actually down the pub (for example). In my experience, if you are stationary and under any sort of cover the GPS fix wanders all over the place.


    Theoretically you can use this –

    Strava Needs A Polish

    But truth be told I’ve never had a lot of luck with it.

    Premier Icon tthew

    First time I’ve used Strava today, (got one KOM, and ooh look, there’s a wedge and it has a thin end!). When the route uploaded there’s a massive kick in the middle of it where the phone re-oriented the GPS after my brew and a cake stop.

    Is there a way to chop the wrong bit off?


    I’ve used Strava Needs A Polish (SNAP) a few times and it’s worked OK for me.

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    If you download the file as GPX or TCX it’s just a text file which can be edited and re-uploaded.

    In GPX format there are lots of trackpoints that look like this:

    <trkpt lat=”52.917109″ lon=”-1.184019″>

    That gives latitude, longitude and the time through that point. I presume it’s based on an origin in the first bit of the text file. Might be fun to play around with, and quite easy if all you want to manipulate is the times 😉

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    You can edit start and finsih points in Strava itself.

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    Thanks all, couldn’t get Strava needs a polish to work properly, might try again before I resort to finding the rogue points in the text file. main problem I’m having is I use a Chromebook, so need something online to do it.

    Can’t use the crop file in Strava itself as the bad data is in the middle of the track.

    Premier Icon Drac

    GPS Babel gives an easy interface for altering GPS data. You edit points are make your self really fast.


    Dragging this one up from the depths…

    I’ve just been for a ride and had Strava switched on. About halfway round it looks like my GPS lost contact as about 5 miles is replaced by a straight line.

    I’ve tried ‘SNAP’ – I can recreate where I went and save the .tcx but when I upload it to Strava again, the missing bit is still missing.

    Anything new and better than SNAP?
    Any tips on getting SNAP to work properly?

    Premier Icon tthew

    I solved my problem in the end Higgo, just did a few more rides and forgot about it. Seemed the simplest solution in the end. 😀

    Just go for another ride. Life’s too short. Had the same issue on a climb only a few folk do. Thought I’d beaten my own kom, but wandering points, couldn’t be parsed to fix, I’ll live.

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    You can use memory map if you have it. Have done it several times to fix stray points.

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