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  • Is enough ever enough? How many bikes do you own?
  • Premier Icon letmetalktomark
    Full Member

    I own 6* bikes

    3 fully rigid
    3 Hardtails

    * I also have a partially built rigid SS hack and my first ever bike 8)

    There is a bit of an overlap in use but not much 😕

    Dosen’t make me want to own and try others – I’m not greedy just a little indecisive …. I think.

    So own up …… How many do you own and whats the breakdown

    MArk – A firm believer in N+1/2/3/4/5

    Premier Icon psling
    Free Member

    I buy a new one every time this question gets asked on STW.

    Just checked, I currently have 264 bikes… 😯

    Premier Icon finbar
    Free Member

    Two bikes, and one spare set of wheels. I hate having loads, it’s just more maintenance, more money and more crap to weigh you down.

    A fixed gear and a fast tourer (which is actually a CX bike if i take the mudguards and rack off and swap wheels).

    Premier Icon alfabus
    Free Member

    6 for me… doesn’t feel excessive because they are all in different categories:

    pub/jump bike
    commuter/road bike
    alfine cx bike
    light full suss
    big full suss


    Premier Icon MrOvershoot
    Full Member

    I had 11 2 years ago, had a big clearout/sale down to 7..

    Its crept back up to 9 and I still have 7 spare frames loads of wheels & 30+ sets of tyres.

    Its a bit silly really as I have very little time to ride these days, still can’t beat a ride to clear my head though 🙂

    Premier Icon goldenwonder
    Free Member

    Best bike
    road bike
    cross bike this week.

    That’s it for me at the moment, as long as I’m not counting my first two ever race MTB’s at the back of the shed or anything that’s not complete & rideable as that’d add up to another 5…
    Isn’t it in the rules that it’s N+1?

    Premier Icon captaincarbon
    Free Member

    5 for me, not excessive at all in my opinion, plus im giving one away!……to make room for another one… 😉

    Premier Icon rocketman
    Free Member

    140mm FS trail
    140mm HT trail
    120mm FS XC
    200mm FS FR
    100mm XCJ HT

    7 if you include the road bike

    Premier Icon grum
    Free Member

    Mountain bike
    Road bike

    Premier Icon mk1fan
    Free Member

    Never enough.

    I regret nothing!

    Premier Icon IHN
    Full Member

    Normal steely hardtail bike
    CX bike that becomes a road bike with a change of tyres (and vicey versey)
    First bike of purple Marin goodness F+F that I’ll never sell, currently set up as a 1*9
    Latest addition of a skinny steel SS

    I actually don’t want anything else, as I’m too much of a pansy to get the most out of a full susser and I wouldn’t use a ‘proper’ roady enough to justify having it and the CX.

    Premier Icon titusrider
    Free Member

    120mm Cotic simple SS
    140mm ibis mojo sl (with 160mm forks spare)
    Kona dew commuter
    Cannondale six 105 Road

    Premier Icon MrGreedy
    Full Member

    I think I’ve got to the point where diminishing returns and storage space become an issue – have got 5 bikes at the moment and don’t think I’ll be adding to that for a while. Yes it might be nice to have a 29er or a full-suss, but they’d both be a lot of cash without adding *that* much that I can’t already do on the Whippet or the Soul.

    Carbon XC hardtail
    Steel big days out hardtail

    Carbon road bike (Sunday best)
    Alu CX/winter road bike
    Steel SS commuter

    Premier Icon rogerthecat
    Free Member

    One, a singlespeed hardtail.

    Plus a hooooge parts bin.

    Premier Icon br
    Free Member

    When I had two bikes (XC HT and 6″ FS) I would be out, and at some point think that I’d like to be on the other. Bought a 456 frame and transferred some stuff over. After 3 months I sold the HT and FS frames. 9 months later bought a 456Ti frame.

    3 years later its still my only MTB – ridden at least 3 times a week, and love it.

    Plus I’ve probably enough parts to build 2 more bikes if needed 🙂

    Premier Icon _tom_
    Free Member

    1 full mtb, 1 with no wheels (I swap the wheels between the 2 depending whether I want to ride ht or fs), a bmx and a road bike. Considering downsizing and changing the bmx + hardtail for a DJ hardtail since I only really use the bmx for DJs anyway.

    Premier Icon colournoise
    Full Member

    150mm HT – main bike
    100mm HT – wife’s main bike
    80mm HT (currently on the mag trainer)
    Rigid skinny tyred SS – commuter
    Half-built 100mm HT – will be street/play bike
    Frame and bits for a rigid MTB ‘cruiser’ – will be town/pub bike

    slainte 🙂 rob

    Premier Icon chvck
    Free Member

    Mountain bike
    Road bike

    I use my mtb (hardtail) for everything and have been thinking of buying a dh bike lately but think that I’ll just end up swapping the hardtail for a 160mm bike!

    Premier Icon bentudder
    Full Member


    Brompton for commuting
    CX bike for commuting / child towing
    Singlespeed (can go geared, haven’t yet)
    FS bike

    Every now and then I have a bit of a clearout, and then buy more bikes. Last time was just before Udderlet #1 – sold a singlespeed, a hardtail (A lovely DeKerf that went to a good friend) and a FS bike. Bought the Hummingbird for geared and singlespeed and an Orange 5 frame and forks from a friend.

    It’s worth having a long hard think every now and then about the riding you do and the riding you’re likely to be doing, and make changes based on that.

    Premier Icon makeitorange
    Free Member

    currently 3.5…

    1 x burly 160mm FS (for DH/FR but just about capable of a decent XC ride)
    1 x 150mm Hardtail (for general XC use but still tough enough to ride hard)
    1 x Cheep Rigid 29er single speed (commuter)
    80% of the parts needed to build a rigid winter bike as I’m sick of trashing my good bikes in this crappy weather.

    Premier Icon franki
    Free Member


    Premier Icon stevemtb
    Free Member

    Just did the count this morning – 8 – I think!

    100mm 29er HT
    140mm steel 26er HT
    180mm all round FS
    Downhill bike – never used to should be sold
    Rigid old muddy fox. Never used but first proper mtb, not wanting to sell it!
    Winter road bike – needed full overhaul so replaced with below, will be a winter turbo trainer bike
    CX with full mudguards and racks for commuting if I ever start commuting and winter road use
    Carbon road bike

    Mate is selling a DJ, suspect that will be number 9!!

    Premier Icon hjghg5
    Free Member

    It depends what you include. The core stable is:

    Road bike
    Cross/commute bike
    Hybrid (old commute bike, might make it to a pub occasionally)

    Added to that, OH’s hardtail also lives in the garage and one of his other bikes is often floating around too. There’s also my old road bike which is unrideable after a crash but still in the garage because I intend to salvage bits from it but never get round to it, and my sister’s old bike which lives with at my house too.

    I’m about to buy another road bike to live at my parents house in Spain (second hand, but it will save me renting when I go out there).

    Premier Icon martymac
    Full Member

    i have reached S-1,
    cube ams130 with revs.
    charge filter hi, with road tyres.
    orange P7, rigid ss.
    would like to add a proper road bike and a fatbike.
    would even get rid of the P7 for the fartbike, but cant afford it also it would probably result in divorce/spare room overload.

    Premier Icon martymac
    Full Member

    just noticed a typo above^^^
    however it perfectly sums up my sense of humour so ive left it in.

    Premier Icon Andy-R
    Full Member

    2 x Singular Hummingbirds (one rigid singlespeed, one Alfined with Maverick SC32’s) These get ridden the most….
    1 x Trek Top Fuel 69er
    1 x 1988 Kona Explosif
    1 x 1995 Kona Kilauea, although it now lives permanently in Greece.

    Premier Icon nacho
    Free Member

    Might show this thread to mrsnacho. I currently have 3 bikes (old 29er Kai Tai HT pub/road/emergency bike, Whyte 905 HT and Heckler FS) and she thinks that is too many.
    Have been saving up for ages now and could buy a new bike – do I join my wife on the darkside and get a road bike? Or maybe a light 120m FS or a decent 29er? Or swap the 905 for a titanium HT? Or save it for upgrades? Or put it in the family holiday fund?

    Premier Icon emanuel
    Free Member

    dry weather commuting road bike.ss cragg vale eno’d.
    wet weather commuting touring road bike.thorn audax
    fireeye ht for getting around
    kinesis granfondo(main road bike)
    balloon trekking bike for lady friends.
    5sp pompino
    brandx road bike frame and parts under the bed.
    1970s bianchi and my old road bike back in italy.
    I think I’ve got about 2-3 complete bikes in spares,except frames/forks.

    Live in a third floor flat with no lift.
    I’m thinking of a stainlees steel road frame,I’ve been collecting parts for a while.

    Premier Icon brakes
    Free Member


    heavy duty full suss
    fast duty full suss
    road bike
    fixed wheel commuter

    all working and in good condition

    it’s a rolling stable though – there’s a rigid hardtail in the construction stage because I’ve got frame and forks (Cotic Soul) that I can’t bare to just be hung up in the shed – and I NEED a lender bike.

    Premier Icon chiefgrooveguru
    Free Member

    Brompton (had it 9 years)
    Cotic Soul (had it 18 months)
    BMX (had it 6 weeks)

    Would quite like a bike for track racing… I’m too aware of how I drove in my teens to voluntarily ride on the roads other than when trying to get places.

    Premier Icon toxicsoks
    Free Member

    Hardtail 120mm fork
    F/S 120mm both ends
    Rigid commuter/Frankenbike thingy
    All the above are 26″ wheels

    Road bike.

    Don’t need owt else………however, I wouldn’t mind one o’them 29ers…

    Premier Icon emanuel
    Free Member

    why not get a tandem, nacho?
    obviously you’ll need a mtb tandem& a road tandem.
    or something in between.always liked the thorn raven twin.
    holding off until i get married.

    Premier Icon boxfish
    Free Member

    1 x off road
    1 x on road

    and some bits

    Premier Icon PiknMix
    Free Member

    I have 2 Hardtails 1 steel rigid and a Racer 😉

    more will be coming…

    Premier Icon Mike_D
    Free Member

    I’m trying to rationalise a bit at the moment.

    Road bike
    CX bike
    Track bike
    Shop/campsite/trailer-towing hack thing
    Sturdy 26in hardtail
    Racy 26in hardtail
    100mm FS
    Singlespeed 26in hardtail
    Period-correct early 90s retro impulse purchase

    So I’m back down out of double figures, which is good (I’m not counting the tandem, my wife’s bikes, or the kids’ bikes…). Looking at combining two of the hardtails into one. Can’t see myself getting below seven, though.

    Premier Icon Whathaveisaidnow
    Free Member

    I have one for road work
    I have one for popping to the pub on
    I have one for the Wednesday bridleway bashing
    I have one for trail riding
    I have one for trail centres

    . . the same one . . .

    I have one.

    Premier Icon cynic-al
    Full Member

    I have 7, way too many, 4-5 probbers enough.

    Premier Icon z1ppy
    Free Member

    4 – 3 full sussers & a token HT. I’d like to try a 29er HT, but it would replace the current HT.
    For me it more about lack of space to store them..

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ
    Full Member

    we both have
    1x fs [northern filing cabinets]
    1x geared ht
    1x ss ht

    seems okay ,the fs gets the least use .

    Premier Icon weeksy
    Full Member

    2 pushbikes, 3 motorbikes.

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