is anyone still comuting to work in all this snow?

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  • is anyone still comuting to work in all this snow?
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    Is that the Bogle burn road at Eildon franksinatra? If it is I can see why my folks a couple of miles away are snowed in. Good effort and great photos… that big dip half way along must be interesting 🙂

    Here's one from my commute from before Christmas. It's mainly hardpacked and icy now so I'm back on the 700c x 28 bike and sticking to busier/grippier on road routes. Not as much fun though.


    yeah still riding. only ride 2.5 miles on cycle route, but good fun on ss.

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    Things I've learnt this week

    -Riding on snow = good
    -Riding on snow = knackering
    -Ahhh, So that's what they mean when they say lighten the front of the bike
    -AAAggghhh So HTF do you lighten the bike down hill ouch…
    -Riding on snow off road = good
    -Riding on snow on road = not good
    -Some drivers are twonks whatever the weather. Especially the guy who drove an inch behind my tyre yesterday beeping the horn and yelling I should get over, onto the iced over gutter as he wasn't about to drive through all that sh*t in the centre of the road. – Lovely chap….
    -What clothes for -12

    Riding keeps me sane, even if everyone I've met this week including family and friends has ended the conversation with cycling in this weather you must be mad.

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    Is that the Bogle burn road at Eildon franksinatra? If … that big dip half way along must be interesting

    Yes it is and yes it is!


    My commute bike is a roadie with slicks (I know, I know), so I'm on the train at the mo, oh deep joy!

    At least when I replace my stolen hardtail this year, I'll have a decent weapon I can use next winter.

    Damn public transport, I hate it.


    6 miles each way a mix of road, track and offroad.

    normally i would stick to the roads (ss 23c slicks) and be done in 20ish minutes
    currently (hardtail) taking near enough an hour at the moment

    still quicker, safer and more reliable than driving.

    i gave up.

    Theres enough clear road to ride on, but any overtaking car would be on the ice.

    of course, they *should* just hang back and not overtake until its safe, but they don't, and i don't want to end up being knocked off!


    Like everyone else, different route now and on a diferent bike.
    Slightly longer but making the most of fields, tracks and backroads.
    Great fun but it takes 40 mins instead of 20 and after a week now I am knackered.

    I think a good question is:
    Is anyone still riding in just shorts still?

    (not me, as of monday this week I donned the cycling trousers under my baggies for the commute)

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    Well I've been riding, got some studded tyres on the 5 which are just brilliant. The only thing that caused a problem in the woods was the depth of the snow. Although I found you can kind of snow-plane if you go fast enough on a descent. Fortunately the army'd managed to get some big vehicles through the fire roads to make tracks which made for great riding 🙂

    Commuted on the bike every day so far, but switched from fixed road bike on 23c's to big mountain bike with 2.5"s. Slow, but fun. Oh, and neither of my cars will move until a thaw comes.

    Got pulled over and interviewed by Sky News this morning "Why are you cycling?" Should be on tonight's news 🙂


    10 miles each way, 90% off road. Takes me twice as long but the extra effort keeps me warm. The return journey's have been at midnight at around -8. It's quite hypnotic using the stobe on the P7 in softly falling snow though.

    Old skool smoke and dart are doing me proud at the moment!


    Is anyone still riding in just shorts still?

    I was up until Thursday, well 3/4 anyway. The tights were good on the way in, but too warm on the way back and more so today. Back in the 3/4 for the weekend and will probably stay that way unless it gets colder. I just seem to run very warm.

    Loving the commute at the moment. I am shortly to become carless so that's a good thing!


    More like it This morning at 8am..



    I would be if the **** trains were running! Last batch of snow I carried on doing my usual commute (country roads).

    Is anyone still riding in just shorts still?

    Do 3/4 shorts count? For the cold I've got bibs that come down over the knee which I wear some longer Gap shorts over the top…

    -What clothes for -12

    Haven't had that but we have had -8+ wind chill. My problem is when I get to the station at the end of the commute and potentially face hours waiting for a train in the cold. On the bike I find that merino wool baselayer + jersey + armwarmers + gilet are fine for all weather. Just started packing a thermos in the backpack and cycling jacket and additional merino layer for standing around in.

    I'm going to have to get into London on Monday so here's hoping things either clear or carry on snowing over the weekend so my ride is bearable. The latter looks to be the more likely which is preferable as I don't mind riding in the snow, it's just ice that gives me the heebie-jeebies. If it carries on hopefully drivers will stay off the roads which'll make things easier too…

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    Full length medium thickness tights, shorts, army over trousers, seal skinz medium socks, breathable T shirt, vented fleece and windproof softshell with silk liner gloves, water proof gloves and a hat.

    Done me so far, reckon any colder and I'd add a balaclaver.

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